What's your favorite Call of Cthulhu scenario?

I need inspiration. Shoot.

Mine is The Sanatorium featured in the Mansions of Madness book.

Sounds very intriguing…anything in an Asylum? That would also be a terrific scenario

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Perhaps I’ll run it for you guys one day… it’s rather brutal though

My favorite is from a japanese replay book called るるいえあんてぃーく(“Ruruie Antiiku” -> “R’lyeh Antique”).

To protect your Sanity-Stat, I won’t post the cover here :crazy_face:

In terms of the scenarios, it starts with a mystery, then expands into
splatter, then Japanese horror at a declining village.

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Sounds intriguing! Know where I can find a copy?

I don’t have much experience (basically none at all), but I like this one: The Burning Stars, in “Terrors from Beyond”. Major warning: only look into it if you want to run it as game master. If you would ever like to experience it as a player - don’t look it up, don’t even look for a review, just forget that it even exists. It will find you ^^

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This one is often mentioned in Best Scenario Ever conversations, and it’s hard to disagree. I ran it once in this group some time ago, and it was a blast.

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I’ll have to dig up my copy. Thanks!

there are fan-translations on the web

played it with @H -> was awesome :sunglasses:

Oh splendid! Can’t wait to give it a read! Thank you!

Why not play it instead? Be happy to run it again sometime.


I just bought petersen’s abomination… have never ran or played a modern day CoC yet but they read very promising and super sweet!

@H be sure to message me when you do !

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I mostly played only long adventures, but never managed to finish them. My favorites is “Complete mask of Nyarlathotep”, but also “The fungi from Yuggoth”.

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