What kind of RPGer are you?

It strikes me that many RPGers can fall into one (or maybe several) of a number of categories: hard-core roleplayer (one that likes to really “live” their character in-game), hack-and-slash lover, treasure seeker, attention-grabber, etc. Some of these are perceived by many as negatives, but in certain circumstances can prove particularly beneficial to a group.

So what are the forum’s thoughts on these? Are they accurate (I’m not claiming the list is exhaustive; they are merely meant to be examples), and where do you fit? How have you found players with various interests fitting together in a group?

To start: I tend to really enjoy immersing myself into the gaming realm; I’ve been known to buy a background book or two, and want to really be able to roleplay my character without defaulting to asking the DM what I would or would not know about general knowledge (“So I’m an elf…what can I tell this NPC about my race?”). I like the combat, but mostly as a means to develop my character. Though, to be fair, my wizard isn’t exactly a beast in combat…yet!



I like playing lots of different RPG’s, and I find my game style changes depending on the game. For example, Call of Cthulhu and Changeling are games where I would rather NOT see combat. Changeling is almost totally character-driven, but in Call of Cthulhu you do NOT get attached to your character specifically… the story, the mystery is all (and in a multi-day campaign, you will go through a LOT of characters in search of the story). I find Shadowrun to be a good mix, and in Star Wars Saga I thought combat was a LOT of fun, but I really liked that XP was given for finding ways other than combat to get through things.

I’m still getting used to D&D… I am a fan of loot in D&D, I admit it, but then again, D&D offers great loot, whereas the other games tend not to.