What does the "Spotted!" mean?

I have been wondering for so long… I keep seeing “Spotted!” on some people here. What does it mean? Does it mean that you have spotted someone? Have you been spotted by someone? Are you spotted like a Dalmatian? Is it just a reference that I am not cool enough to get? So many questions… :sweat_smile:


I always assumed it was part of the social media spotted that was widely used like 10? Yeats ago. When you went to say a bookshop and had a meaningful conversation with someone but were to shy to ask if they wanted to be your bestie, you could look for them using “spotted” groups or apps or Facebook and it would magically apply location filters and the like and afaik you would still never ever find them again…

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Oh, that must have passed me by. I was never really on any social media platform… so I am not surprised, that I’ve never heard of it. So in your example, both of the conversation participants needed to be looking for each other, to have a chance of finding each other again?

Thank you for explaining! I was really hoping, they all had matching leopard tattoos or something similar…

I mean, it could be that it’s just something completely different and now that I’ve googled the issue, I reckon it’s not what I thought it was.

I don’t remember the details, just that it used to be everywhere, [but apparently it was used for bullying, matchmaking and other stuff](. Facebook-Trend „Spotted“: Kuppelei über das Soziale Netzwerk.- Saferinternet.at)

also, I have forgotten everything I ever learned about… html, is it?

It means that you have been graced by the presence of @Neil irl.


Have never heard of that “Spotted” trend before. Thanks for the explanation though, I always wondered what these tags meant too.

This forum uses Markdown, not HTML :slight_smile: Markdown is also used by platforms such as Discord and Reddit, and programmers like to use it to format text e.g. in readme files.

By the way, I moved that conversation out of the VALUE thread to a new topic so that we no longer fill that topic up with unrelated posts and now have our own thread to discuss the “Spotted!” tags.


ah thanks! That actually helps

Thanks! But this rises new questions… what makes the encounter with Neil so noteworthy? And why are those so rare?

What if I met him without noticing… :exploding_head:

Well the legends says that he was the founder of RPGVienna, that my knowledge. His grace is running the website so we can game and have VALUE.


That makes sense! I have never been informed… maybe the chosen spotted ones wanted to keep the club more exclusive…

Praised be Neil! And may his presence bless us all!


I can confirm, I have met him already :slight_smile:

Ha ha. “Neil.” Right. And I saw bigfoot at Westbahnhof the other day.


@Vishous @katnyx

there was a RPGVienna meet-up a while ago, and everyone who actually showed up, got “Spotted”


For me Neil still only exists as a disembodied voice once heard in a discord voice chat.

I suppose that’s my equivalent of a bigfoot footprint.