What do you V.A.L.U.E.? Time to decide @Cafe 1070

Meeting place is Cafe 1070 @ Burggasse 68, 1070 Vienna

Anybody who wants to dm a game please announce it here, anybody who wants to play please do so too. For DMs include a name for the adventure if possible as well as a level/tier range. For Players if you have a preferred game that has been announced please put that in your post as well as what level character you’re bringing.

If you have questions just come a bit earlier most times somebody will be a bit earlier around.

I will be there and I would prefer to play this time (T1/2/3).

V.A.L.U.E Rules for creating a character

Item unlocks and tcp costs

Hi, I will also join the meeting with a T1 character :grinning:

I’ll be there to run a T2 investigation/hunt adventure. If there are not enough T2 players, I will run a T1 game.

Barring any unforeseen circumstances I’ll come as a player. Can play T1 or T2.

I will show up & bring a T1/T2 characters. :smiley:

Ill come to DM an adventure of any Tier or play.

Love to investigate so I would reserve a seat at the T2 table of BufoBufo

I will be there as well, preferably for tier 2 at bufobufo’s table :slight_smile:

Heyo, should be able to make it as a player this week, bringing a friend as well! T1 for both, (I can play lvl 1-4, can be decided at the table)

I’ll be back in Vienna as well with my T1 granny character. She would LOVE to tell you more about her children, grandchildren, grandgrandchildren and grandgrandgrandchildren. And cook for you of course

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Hello everyone!
I have a few questions about the ‘open evenings/nights’:

Is any race, background, class and so on allowed or are there some restrictions?

Is it possible to come even of you have never played before?

Should you bring a completed charactersheet with you? If yes, are there websites you recommend?

Thx for the replies in advance!


  1. Everything that is official published material is allowed, meaning all books from the players handbook to the new Wildmount and Theros book. Unearthed arcana and homebrew is not allowed. If you are unsure just ask!

  2. Absolutely, we are always happy to meet new players!

  3. If you want to. There are also always people who can help you. Sadly I’m not that familiar with other websites, but surely others can help you there.

Hey :slight_smile:

There are no restrictions regarding race, class or background, except that UA is not allowed.

You can of course come if you haven’t played before.

You can bring a completed level 1 character, but you can also come there without anything and borrow dice, a character sheet to fill out and a pencil.
Usually people are there early, who can help you with character creation.

For first-timers, usually the classic paper sheet is the simplest option; and I still prefer it. For digital character sheets I believe DnD Beyond is the most popular, but it requires you to pay money for almost all character options.

If you like to use DnDBeyond I can send you an invitation to a campaign to create your character (giving you all available options). I recommend to print it out and use the paper afterwards because I can’t guaranty that I don’t need the spot for somebody else later on.

Hi All I will hopefully be there with an Adventure (T1/2) is needed and t1-3 characters

i plan to be there with a t1 char

Hi! Will be there with T1 characters.

I’ll be there with T1/2/3 characters.

There is a good chance I’ll also show up as well, got T1/2 characters.

Thx for all the replies!
Maybe i will come in the next weeks. I will write in the forum then :grinning: