What about weekday board games?

Is anyone here interested in a regular or semi-regular evening game during the week? Something short (say 7-10 or 6-9) where we hang out and people can drop in and play? I know with work schedules, and us gaming (regularly or special) on the weekends, schedules can get crowded. I was thinking of something more relaxed.

Sure, why not.

We already had a couple such meetings during the “down” week-ends when neither of the groups were gaming, but having some regular things during the week works too…

Sounds cool!

Maybe we should tell everyone what we’ve got in the way of boardgames. I’d be up for this as I could do with a bit of boardgaming to chill me out of late.

so, let’s start with (in alphabetical order)…

Arkham Horror - In a total contraction to “a bit of boardgaming to chill me out” I start with this. Playable for 1-6 players this one is a BEAST of a game but completely amazing. Even ally loves the concept but the setup is quite daunting. It’d take us a few hours to get through. But, saying that, once you’ve got the hang of the turn sequence it isn’t anywhere near the complexity of your average RPG. And, it’s absolutely dripping with “theme”.

Carcassone: This gets a lot of love on Boardgamegeek and I’ve played a few games on the iPad app. 1-4 players and completely simple. The “real” version came from amazon last week and I haven’t played it yet. But soon right?..really soon :wink:

Last Night on Earth: Totally ace zombie game. 2-6 players. Plays out like a zombie b-movie and I’ve even painted some of the minis. I haven’t played “Zombies!!!” but apparently LNoE is better. I also have the “Growing Hunger” expansion.

Lord of the Rings Card Game: I loved playing Locke and Key with Ally, Philipp and Amlash and I was inspired by Zeldalinks review of the Game of Thrones card game so I went to Planet Harry and picked up the LoTR equivalent. It’s for 1-4 players and while I haven’t given it much attention solo, I’d really like to play it with others.

Memoir '44: This is a really light World War 2 Wargame played with Minis cards and dice. 2 players. I’ve played the online version and I picked up the real cardboard version from Harry yesterday. 2 players really but it could work with more with the “overlord” rules. I’m on a bit of a Wargaming kick at the moment but I realise it’s not for everyone. That’s why I picked up Memoir as it’s simple to set up and play, especially for non-wargamers.

Pandemic: GREAT co-op game about saving the world from viruses. 2-4 players. Me and Ally have played this a few times. Short set up and play time.

Anyone interested in a game of any of these?

All of these sounds cool (I have actually been curious about pandemic for a while, not only or professional reasons, but also because I enjoy cooperative games).

I also acquired “Vasco da Gama” from -H- today and would loveto give it a test run…

While I am DYING to play Arkkham Horror, it might be a bit much for a weeknight game. The others all sound great.

Are people free on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week? We could play for a couple/few hours?

Both should work for me…

WOOT! Now we just need someone who owns a/some games!!

(I am actually laughing out loud at us right now).

Edited To Add: oops, just saw you have Vasco. That works!

As Thursday is a free day, I am all for Wednesday :slight_smile:

I’ll just repost my list of games with some new editions:

City of Thieves
Runebound *
Kittens in a blender
Starcraft *
Martian Dice
Black Stories 2 - Thanks Simon :slight_smile:
Sake & Samurai *
Legend of the Five Rings CCG Starter Decks
Anima: Beyond Good and Evil*
Hex Hex*
Dungeons & Dragons: Conquest of Nerath Board Game*
Diablo 3 - wait, you’re not a board game, get out of here!

*-I’ll have to read the rules for that again, if you’re interested, you can try and find the rules online, so one of us is prepared ^^

Something not so complicated. We can do roughly 6 to 10 or 11 (since Thursday is a free day). And Android will take ALL night, as we learned :wink:

I’d like to try Conquest of Nerath, but I think it’s a rather long game…

As it is this Wednesday, I’d also like to come.

so… me, KH, Josip, Philipp, Simon… Neil? Anyone else?

I’d like to join you, but I’m currently in Styria for vacation.
Have fun guys!

I’ll be there for the next one, got a BA on my back.

It says to hours, but add 2 hour of rules explanation and rules reading…
what should I take with me?

-Conquest of Nerrath
-Anima (I want to try it maybe ^^)

Any other suggestions?

I admit to a strong curiosity about kittens in a blender…

Anyway, where should we do this? The spielhof? Cafe Benno? Someplace else?

I can offer my place too, if needed. I’ll let you guys decide.

If we’re not burdening you, I have no objection to your place.