WFRP Enemy Within

I am planning to try and run the classic Enemy Within campaign for the 1st edition of the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (WFRP) game, attempting to fit all 5 parts in before the end of February, and was wondering who would be interested - I have a few players, and need ideally 6 (and no more).

For people who don’t know, or may have heard of Warhammer as a tabletop wargame, there was originally (back in the late 1980s) two related Warhammer games released, “Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay” and “Warhammer Fantasy Battle”, around the same time. The later game is the tabletop battle game, the first a roleplay game. Games Workshop, deciding more money could be made by selling miniatures, tended to focus on the tabletop wargame.

Both games are set in the same setting, although the roleplay game tends to focus on subversion by Chaos cults and the like. The roleplay game is as a result often very dark and sinister, so be warned!

As my aim is to try and fit a five part adventure campaign in before the end of February, the game will have to happen fairly regularly (current plan is every other Sunday, ideally starting early afternoon, plus possibly some extra week nights).

If anyone is interested in trying the game, I’ll run a WFRP introductory adventure this Thursday at Spielbar (not part of the campaign) - see Spielbar Thursday 3rd Jan 2019 7pm - First Open Game Night of 2019.

Ah, yes. Snotball.

How could I’ve passed this post?
I’m in.

That would take it to 3 players. Ideally the campaign is based around 6, but if we can get to at least 4 then we could get started.

are you running something this Thursday as well, as I would be intrested but have almost no experience with the warhammer rpg.

How often do you intend to play? I am interested but already playing in 2 and planning to run another myself next week. It would be hard for me to play weekly .
I am not very familiar with the system, but I am very well versed in the World of Warhammer fantasy

I could try and run something this Thursday if people want.

As the plan is to try and get through the campaign quickly (before end of February) then the plan currently is every other week on a Sunday (afternoon and evening ideally), plus if possible a few weeknights (probably in the week we don’t play Sunday).

As this is 1st edition WFRP it is based on the background when Warhammer was first released (and not the history that has happened since).

I would be tempted as well.

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If you’re on the fence: The Enemy Within is widely considered to be one of the greatest campaigns ever published.

I know that everybody focuses on system these days, but that’s not why you want to play this. Warhammer is fine, but there are plenty of decent fantasy games out there. But there aren’t that many truly iconic campaigns. Outside of AD&D and Call of Cthulhu, there are hardly any. Enemy Within, Great Pendragon, Chicago Chronicles … and then it starts getting pretty thin. If you have the chance to play one of them, go for it!

I would be very interested, as I have never played a Warhammer RPG, but always wanted to - love the vibe of the setting! I would describe my lore-knowledge on 40k as solid, but on Fantasy it is pretty much limited to the “Matthias Thulmann: Witch Hunter” novels and flipping through the fluff in a friend’s Skaven codices ^^ The only trouble is that I’m currently loaded on weekdays and cannot guarantee how good my availability would be. Making it on Sundays, especially if it is only every other week and limited only until end of February, would be possible.

Im interested.

Wow! Finally some traction on the Enemy Within. :grinning:

That’s enough to start, isn’t it?

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