Well well well, if it isn't Dan

Hey everyone!

Been DM’ing a bi-weekly, long-time Storm Kings Thunder Campaign, and a second homebrew game, but unfortunately that one died due to scheduling issues (shocking, I know!) but I kinda wanna do more DND, so I thought I’d join up here. :slight_smile: As a player first, and then maybe also as a DM at some point. Would also love to get a second long-term Campaign running, have a few fun ideas for that. Although we shall see how fun my future players consider them. :smiley:

And maybe there’s even someone here who’d like to have a go at Dungeon Crawler Classics, Monster of the Week or some other fun systems!

Planning to attend the Dec. 1 Friday VALUE game as a T1, but will write that again in the appropriate post once it’s up :slight_smile:

Anyways, that’s that for now! Dan (30, he/him)


Welcome - sorry to hear of your scheduling woes, at least with more folk here you’ve a good chance of finding more players with matching schedules!

I would be keen to give DCC a go - do a funnel, have one lucky survivor, roll all the weird dice, have magic go spectacularly right/catastrophically wrong …

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