Well met and all that

Hi there,

I’m no-longer-lurker Chylli and I actually have no clue what to write here…

RL (you remember that game with those astoundingly realistic graphics but that strange story…):

Working as a patent paralegal.
Vegan flat mate.
Two cats (not vegan at all).

Played so far (offline):

Shadowrun <3 (2nd to 5th)
D&D (3 and 3.5)
Pathfinder (which is actually D&D 3.75)
Fading Suns
Werewolf (and the other breeds, <3 corax)
Legend of the five rings
Kleine Ängste (don’t Know if there even was an english version)
some homebrew stuff…

DMed so far:

Shadowrun <3 (3rd to 4th, planning on doing 5th soon)
some homebrew stuff… (having a Dr. Who inspired homebrew right now, guests welcome)

played so far (online):


(*can still be found lurking around there from time to time)

Well… I guess that’s it…


welcome Chylli! nice of you to join us :slight_smile:

Welcome from a newly welcomed member :smiley:

Welcome and thanks for the fun game yesterday!


Am I the only one who finds it odd to say ‘welcome’ although we’ve already met? :smiley:

Welcome from another newly welcomed member!! grin

Hello Chylli!

I was nice gaming with you this last times… I’d be interested in your Dr. Who homebrew stuff…

Thanks alot to all of you for the warm welcome. <3

…the one in RL and the One in the forums.

Kleine Ängste is Little Fears I believe? I remember reading about it at some point :slight_smile:

It’smore or less a horror-game. You play children and you can see “those things” and the adults wont believe or even punish you…


Remember me to remember you to join us in two weeks for the “Professor” (Professor? Professor who?)

My world has just been blown to smithereens.

But just to note, this is from Justice League Unlimited. And not from Batman: The Animated Series.

You might not want to watch this, then:


Yah, I Know, otherwise there wouldn’t have been Diane.
Without her there wouldn’t have been the need to rescue her by a stramge bargain that includes Batman singing… :smiley:

You might not want to watch this, then:


Would have improved the movie quite considerably, I think…

Ah alright, seems I misunderstood you. Thought you meant the “dark and edgy” series.
There, it’d be insanely out of place.