Weekly game night at Spielbar: Thursday the 17th at 19h30

Hello guyze!

Who wants to game this week? Anybody has anything in the plan?

Hopefully I’ll be there

Hey, I’m absolutely up for it. What game have we got? :smiley:

EDIT: seems like i caught a nasty cold overnight… Will have to skip, but I’ll be there next week hopefully!

I’d be more than interested for next week if possible. I’m assuming this is a fairly regular event?


Yeah, it should happen again next week.

Sorry, something has come up and I cant make it after all.

Yeah. We usually meet most Thursday (although this week looks doubtful now). There is usually a thread for Thursday’s game posted sometime at the start of the week.

Nobody, then? I could come, but straight from the conference so I have no dice with me.

I can drop by any time if it’s happening :slight_smile:

Alternative: I have spare tickets for the mayor’s cocktail reception at the Rathaus…

I’m probably gonna drop by around 19h30 to eat sth and see if sth develops :slight_smile:

Well, we are there so don’t hesitate to come, I can provide dice …