Weekly game at Spielbar 10th of July

Place: Spielbar, Lederergasse 26
Time: 19:00

Who is DMing what?
Who is coming?
Where will you be playing?
I’ll summarize it here :slight_smile:

I’ll be DMing Numenera for Flo, Simon, Stephan, Neil & Max. It will be fantastic! And sciency! Can’t accept more players though (I’m not so good at multitasking).

-H- will be DMing Grimm or something else (see the next post).

Alrik would like to DM either Dungeon World or D&D Next.

I still have a lengthy list of games I’d like to DM, so if there’s a free table, I can definitely run something. However, if others have things planned already, I’ll happily abstain.

What: Grimm, if enough people who haven’t played yet are interested (if not, then possibly Walrus). This is a game with several levels: it’s a fairy tale, it’s a metaphor, it’s a comment on other games … and that doesn’t even include the main hook. But mainly it’s a fairy tale with fluffy bunnies. 4+ players, one-shot.

Who: A couple people have already expressed interest, but anybody who hasn’t played this yet is more than welcome.

Where: A table? Outside, perhaps? Unless it’s raining …


I think Josip volunteered for next Thursday.

And, me too have a long list:

  • The free RPG day Shawdorun game
  • The free RPG day mage
  • The free RPG day game of Sword and Sorcery (a modified old D&D ruleset)
  • The ORE super-hero game

Also, I have an idea for a ruleset of my own that I would like to try and, of course, I would like to try my hand at D&D next now that the starter set is out. They seem to have added a few welcome tweaks to the game, including a mechanism reminiscent of Pendragon’s passions…

I’m coming. Could DM something (Dungeon World) if necessary, but would rather just play if enough games are run.

I’d love to test the D&D Next starter kit. Quite interested if it’s worth an investment…

For everyone interested in Netrunner [url=http://rpgvienna.com/t/android-netrunner-lcg/396/65 me…[/url]

I’d be interested in d&d next as well
I’ll be there on thursday, not sure at what time though…

Hello everyone,

hmm… D&D Next sounds delicious! As does shadowrun or anything with superheroes. Let’s see how many games there are, then I’ll decide.

I’d love to test the D&D Next starter kit. Quite interested if it’s worth an investment…[/quote]

hmm… D&D Next sounds delicious! [/quote]

Well, after such positive response, here is [url=http://rpgvienna.com/t/a-first-look-at-the-d-d-next-basic-rules/426/1 post[/url] with some links…

Updated the first post.

I am joining in as well. See you tomorrow

Small misunderstanding: I’m not running D&D Next. Simon might. Are you DMing Next this week, Simon?

Also, IIRC i haven’t been in any of -H-'s bunny game. Would play that too if D&D Next is not happening.

I think Simon’s playing in AmLash’s game, so no Next this week.

Likewise, the “bunny game” also isn’t happening thanks to the distribution of players between the tables. Nonetheless, I’ll find smething to run at table 2 tomorrow. I’m thinking of Stormbringer, but I’m open for suggestions.

Nice sponsor there H.

And I’ll be there as usual…

I am playing at Josip’s table this week, so no DMing for me.

I will be DMing some D&D next sometime soonish. I am reading through the free rule overview right now.

But the starter kit only comes out on the 15th, and I think I will wait for it.
Also, Harry will be urlaubing by then, so I will provably be ordering it online and it might take a while to arrive…

As soon as I am ready, I will let you guys know…

Oh right. Didn’t see that.

What does that mean: Harry will be closed by then? :open_mouth:

Urlaub, do not fear young padawan.

Phew :laughing:

Hi everyone - I’m back from my nordic vacation, sunburnt and with sore feet and all! :mrgreen:

I’ll show up tomorrow as well, hope there’s a free spot left at some of the tables? :slight_smile:

Always room for more victims!

(Whoops, that should of course read: players. Silly typo …)

Oh yes, if any of you indie people need further incentive to drop by …

Tonight, I will be fully, unconditionally embracing the philosophy that System Matters, and our game will reflect this.

Be afraid.

On my way, will be there by around 8 at the latest!