WED Dec 30 2015, final round?

Since Thursday seems a bit preoccupied the last weeks of this year, we (H and me tbh) came up with the idea to have a last round on the upcoming Wednesday (usual place and time).

Who would join us in this daringly unusual endeavour?

I would be up for it, what system would we play? :slight_smile:

Wednesday? May be a perfect fit. 7:30 or earlier?

I fear I won’t make it :confused:

Have fun!

As usual we’ll come up with something :smiley:

As usual we’ll come up with something :smiley:[/quote]
We always do, don’t we?

I can jump in if nobody else is DMing.

All right, if there are no other volunteers, I’ll cook something up. If there are any games, genres or settings anybody really doesn’t feel like playing, let me know.

More details to come. There may be d12s …

Old school gonzo dungeoneering ala Expedition to Barrier Peaks. Involving mushroom-infested post-apocalyptic arctic penguin lairs.

That might be a problem - I have a feeling all my games are Barrier Peaks at heart.

Oh,I misread the last sentence and thought it was about what we want to play.

And here I was planning an homage to 80s pop without a hint of plot … Again.

Sorry can’t make it - I’m stuck at work :frowning:

I’m on my way.

That was a really fun game and thanks again to every common person that joined!


That was great, loved the character development! Thanks for sending off the gaming year with a bang!