We are alive [VALUE - OpenDnD Night] @1070

Looks like there is some interest to meet from time to time in person again. So we will do it again. We meet at Cafe 1070 - Newcomers very welcome! Create you characters based on the VALUE rules. If you have questions just come a bit earlier most times somebody will be a bit earlier around. Please comment if you plan to join and announce the tier of your characters or the tier of the adventure you like to DM.

I will be around and plan to DM the next part of the Eberron Adventures (tier 1). You don’t have to played before to join this adventure.

… will glady join Eberron with a t1. :slight_smile:

I will be there as well with my ice mage for tier 1 and characters for tier 2 and 3.

I will join the meeting with a t1

I will join with a t1 character as well:)

Planning to come too with a t2 char

I think you should prepare a tier 1 char as well or at least be prepared to create one, because with you and me being the only ones so far with tier 2 characters, I guess there only will be a tier 1 game.

Ok, I have also a lvl 4 Barbarian with me.

Hey guys, Hope, you have a spot for 1 more.


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