*waving* Hey guys!


I’m moving to vienna at the beginning of september and I was looking for people to play Pen-n-Paper and other games with during my time there. That’s when I stumbled upon your forum :slight_smile:

I played some DSA way back in the days, but could never find a permanent group as a kid, which was kind of a bummer. Two months ago I discovered the Critical Role show with Matt Mercer & Co and I said “fuck it, now or never” and organised a weekend with some friends and DM’d my first game ever (18 hours pretty much straight, what an experience!). Now I’m totally hooked and looking to delve further into the world of D&D or any other RPG :wink:

I still DM my group over the internet, but I want to play face-to-face as much as possible and therefore am looking for a group to play with. I also saw your weekly thursday meetings, definitely going to drop by as soon as I am settled in!

Besides Pen-n-Paper I also love any kind of board game, so if there are meetups for that, I’m probably going to drop by too :wink:

So Hi to you all and see you soon!



The weekly Spiealbar game is indeed a great place to come by and meet people…
Several groups have been formed between people that have met there…