Hi all, it’s the 68th anniversary of the D-Day landings today so it’s quite fitting that I post this.

So, I wanted to ask if anyone in here is interested in wargames. The last bastion of geekdom! :wink:

I’ve always been interested to some extent and it seems like this is the year for me to realize all my geeky dreams of miniatures, RPGs and wargames. Like many Brits I’m fascinated by World War 2. We’re force fed WW2 almost continually in Britain. While I realize that WW2 is also a massive subject in Austria, it’s for slightly different reasons. I played a ton of Combat Mission on the PC years ago and still get in a game from time to time. Also have Battle Academy on the iPad.

As far as real board wargames, I looked into getting into Advanced Squad Leader but it’s a massive learning curve and a massive monetary investment so that basically means I wouldn’t have many opponents either. At least not face to face.

Flames of War sounds cool. I bought the rule book from (Wallet) Damage Unlimited last year but the 40k phase dwindled and I couldn’t stomach buying more minis to paint.

Then I came across Memoir 44 just recently. Read a ton of reviews tried the “freemium” pc game and picked up the boardgame from Planet Harry. Really light and accessible to people who aren’t interested in wargames. Looking forward to maybe getting in a game this Saturday :wink:

A step up from Memoir 44 is Conflict of Heroes. If you’re interested in wargames check it out on boardgamegeek. It’s all chits and hexes like ASL but it’s much more fluid and “action packed”. I bought the PC version recently (matrixgames.com) and the CoH:Storms of Steel boardgame is currently on its way to me.

So, anyone interested in a game with me in Summer? :wink:

Sounds fun.

I have also heard a fair bit about “Axis and Allies”, although I have never tried it. But apparently, it’s more or less the monopoly of WWII strategy games…

I’m not such a big Wargame fan, but there is a sale for board games at planet harry, and some board games where really cheap to get.

I loathe wargames like Axis & Allies and Risk, and I will give you my reasoning, because it may make a difference in how you approach the game.

It’s your turn. You go. Assuming a 4-person game, it can literally be 90 minutes to 2 hours before it’s your turn again. I am not exaggerating.

I am also no good at long term strategizing, which certainly adds to my dislike, but the fact that I could show up for 15 minutes every two hours and leave again and the game play would be exactly the same just drives me insane.

This is something that reviews of Axis and Allies mention. It’s quite fitting that Simon compared it to monopoly as it takes around 3 weeks to complete your average game! :wink:

Memoir 44 on the other hand is more like a non-wargame wargame ( :neutral_face: ) have a look at this review on YouTube and then go and check out the full episodes those guys have made on shutupshow.com the descent review is hilarious!


I am going to start painting and playing again. Since I would need other players I thougt about this here again.

My plan is to paint up some of my 40k minis and try out different “skirmish” games (Teams are 10-20 models except for BIG ass games) and wanted to ask if anyone would be interested in doing the same^^

These 2 systems I found most interesting and are as followes:

Strange Aeons
Small band of humans (even children) try to fight against cultists and eldritch horrors and can get better or far worse from this. Psychosis and such

Song of Blade and Heroes (and many many others)
Is the fantasy version of a game that has good reviews and which prides itself for taking only 30-45minutes a GAME. Also you are very able to mix and match your miniature with the rules here because there are only 3 qualities and the rest are special qualities like sneaky and such. Also you only activate one mini at a time so no long waiting time.