Wanting to learn how to play DnD and searching for people to play with

Hey guys,

I have heard a lot about DnD and RPGs in general and I am very curious as to how it works. I would really like to learn how to play such game and sadly none of my friends are into this kind of game. I am currently 19 years old if it matters. I would really appreciate it if i could join a group or something, i think this could be a fun experience

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German groups would be nice but english would not be problem

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Welcome :partying_face:

'cause pandemic reasons, the weekly AL-D&D Fridays, as well as the Indie-RPG Thursdays are postponed till “better times” ^^
Should those resume in the future, some of us will necro the relevant threads :ghost:
(or make a new one^^)

meanwhile you could find us at Discord, were some of us still host games online from time to time
(just search for RPG Vienna or Thursday Nights Open Games)

have fun & happy gaming :smiley:


thanks !