Want to post "In Character"? Now you can!

I’ve just installed a mod that allows users to create additional accounts and link them to their main account. The user is then able to swap between the accounts easily.

Here’s an example:

Siobhan is in a group and wants to post in that group “In Character”. She creates a new forum account called “Cathelin” (Her PC) using her original email address (to make things easier).

She then logs back in as Siobhan and goes to the User Control Panel (UCP) and clicks “Manage Linked Accounts”. On this page she types her password, then "Cathelin"s username and password and then clicks “Link Accounts”.

The accounts are now linked and she uses the drop down box at the top left of the forum (available on every page) to instantly switch between accounts. She can dedicate her new account to her character. Upload an avatar for that character…write a bio etc.

This would also be very useful for the [url=http://rpgvienna.com/t/anyone-interested-in-a-play-by-post/91/1 Play by Post[/url] that Frazzlerunning has planned.

Thank you, Neil! It’s great to finally be able to speak for myself, instead of Siobhan getting it wrong.

Just one thing… I didn’t see Cormyr’s flag in there, so I just said I was from Austria. I hope that’s ok!

Let’s test this out.

Good job :slight_smile: one more thing. Please “apply” to your respective group when you set up a new character account. Go to the ucp and find “usergroups” in the list on the left. You should be ok from there :wink: