Want some quick nuyen chummer? [shadowrun 5e]

Hello everyone,

I’m looking to dip my toes into Shadowrun fifth Edition and want to run a couple of oneshots to try the system.
For that reason I want to gage interest in the system, so if you would like to play, please let me know by replying to this Post. If enough people are interested I will run a game sometime in the beginning of May.
I will go over the rules before the game and provide premade characters so there is no need to worry about preparation. Everyone is welcome to join, but if you have played before I ask that you do not create a magic user, because I can’t familiarize myself with all the rules in the book.

Looking forward to running in the Sixth World!


Hi Chummer

I am in :slight_smile:

I can also run a SR oneshot (and provide pregens) if needed

(preferable after I have run the STA game^^)

I am interested in returning to the shadows. I consider myself already somewhat advanced (I own all the 5th Edition boots, and have run two living communities, one in Seattle, one in Hamburg), although the game keep being hard to be mastered haha.

May could be a bit early for me considering all the stuff I have to finish up first, but with the beginning of July I should be a little more free with everything. So if you’re interested in having a more experienced player who can help figuring out some rules, I’d be happy to throw my hat in the ring.

Im up for playing

I Played alot of 5th. and a bit of 6th Edition

I can definitely help out with the rule.
I know the basics of matrix and a bit of magic
When it’s about the rest I’m pretty solid.

I’d be interested in trying, never played Shadowrun before.

If there is one more left I like also join chummer. I played a very long time ago probably 2nd edition. So I know the world back forgot nearly all the rules

Just let me collect all my d6-es…
But I’m interested

I am intrigued, but it will probably be a detailed session zero because I don’t know the rules and have heard that shadowrun is super complex. Have played some cyberpunk2020 back in the days. Got a hit zone die from that time around.

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Should we organise a meet for session 0?

Yes, I plan on having a session zero over dicord where we discuss the rules. Would suggest 23.4. at 14:00 pm, if that works for everyone.

Would suggest 23.4. at 14:00 pm, if that works for everyone.

sadly I am busy on the 23rd till the evening

I can offer a short SR oneshot set in Seattle with pregens and a favorite old scenario of mine
in prolly May-June-ish (#)
(nothing wrong with building your own characters for the experts)

pregens would be:

  • m. Troll Ki Adept
  • m. Dwarven Rigger
  • m. Human Occult Investigator
  • m. Ork Combat Medic
  • f. Human Aztec Shaman
  • f. Human Razorgirl
  • m. Elf Infitrator
  • f. Human Technomancer

(#) depends on how busy I will be

I would have time on the 23rd

I also have time on 23.

Unfortunately I’m busy next weekend

I’ll be joining irx as some plans have come up for me as well. Y’all have a great run.

Please use this link to join the discord server for the session zero tomorrow, where I will go over the basic rules and send you your pregens if you need them. If you need help with creating characters or have any other questions feel free to join aswell.
I will not start with the story however, so there is no problem if you can not make it.
See you then!

Sorry, I just woke up from the eastern family feasts and I forgot to follow this thread recently!
Even worse, I have organized a program for both 23rd and 24th months ago, so sadly I cannot join tomorrow.
Mea culpa!

Is Sully invited?

you played the scenario back in the good ol’ days in October 2014 :wink:

(was the one where I was testing the TechNoir rules and where KauraKuitu had the “decent line”)

so … sadly … no

Wow, that’s a long time ago. Definitely a fun evening!

Good luck to everybody going for that quick nuyen!