Visitor from the High North (Hi!)

That’s me!
Although “visitor” is being generous, considering that I have lived in Vienna for more than four years now.
My name is Florian and I am originally from Germany, but I spend most of my (role-play) formative years in Sweden.
I have not really been playing a whole lot in the last years, but DMing a lot (whenever my group finds time, which isn’t as often as we all would like) and I am interested to do more of both in the future.
Looking forward to share and learn about the hobby!

Hey! Welcome! Just join us on the Thursday or Fridaygames!
Only rule is to try to announce yourself in the respective thread for the date and see you soon! :slight_smile:

Thank you! :grin:
Those are Adventure League games, right? Is there somewhere I can get any info on that? What to prepare, etc.

main page for it
info and rules stuff

we focus on Forgotten Realms, so you can ignore the Eberron stuff that is in that pack

Fridays are adventurers league dnd games. Thursday are diverse systems :slight_smile:

Gotcha :+1:
Thanks, and I’ll start reading through that stuff.