ViewScream (Online SciFi Horror Oneshot)

I’d like to play the Indie RPG of …

ViewScream (2E)

that is a diceless, (almost) dm-less SciFi Horror Indie RPG
(so think: Alien, Dead in Space, Event Horizon, Nemesis boardgame, …),
that can be played online only … so perfect for now … right? :partying_face:

possible dates:

  • Friday, 3rd of December 7 p.m.
  • (and maybe Saturday, 4th of December 2 p.m. as well; see below)

what you would need:

  • Discord
  • a headset
  • a cam
  • laptop/pc

how long this will take:

  • explaining the rules and distributing characters will take about 10-15 min.
  • the game itself will take about 2h, maybe 2 1/2
  • afterwards we’d chat about it for maybe 30 additional min

how many players:

  • excluding me +3 (maybe +4) players
  • should there be a lot of interest, I would run this twice (see above)

if someone is interested or has questions,
post here or write me a pm


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Hi - you had me at diceless, almost dm-less
I would definitely be interested :smiley:

I would be interested, although I don’t have time on December 3rd.
But if there is a second game, count me in.

SciFi Horror RPG? I absolutely wanna try that. Count me in! :+1:

In for the Saturday re-run.


so far:

Players - Friday, 3rd of December 7 p.m.; Discord
:space_invader: @Darthbinks
:space_invader: @Nepu
:space_invader: @ThatGuyTed
:space_invader: @S_journ
:space_invader: @PatrickD
— FULL —

Players - Saturday, 4th of December 2 p.m.; Discord
:space_invader: @Darthbinks
:space_invader: @H
:space_invader: @irx
:space_invader: @K-the-fox
— FULL —

more details later :slight_smile:

I wish to join, Friday is preferred, but if somebody wish to swap, I can also attend on Saturday.

I would also love to join on Friday

Sign me up for Saturday!

Gah all full. Let us know how it went! (Gonna have to look up the system in the meantime)

I will send you a summary :slight_smile:

thanks everyone
was a blast!


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It was lots of fun! Nice to play a different system for a change!


It was fun. Thanks for organizing and running the game :slight_smile:

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Agreed, great fun.

Many thanks, humans!

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