Vienna Fantasy Gaming Convention 2024

Greetings all!

As @AmLash posted over on the Discord (link available in the top right :wink: ) the Vienna Fantasy Gaming Con is back

See here for more details - vienna fantasy gaming convention ( it’s happening on the 17 March 2024 so we’ve got a bit of time.

Like last time, I’d love for RPGVienna to have a presence there so lets use this thread to collect some ideas of what to do.


Way ahead of you, boss. A presence there has already been secured. :slight_smile:

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(pic by Alrik)


My two questions would be:

  • what has worked well in the past? Let us make sure to do at least some of those things again.
  • any ‘one day we should’ ideas from those who have been before?
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“One day, when the doors open, we should sit Darth or Neil or whoever behind the table with some sharpies and a stack of 8x10 glossies while the rest of us act like rabid fans, just to see what happens.”


I will geniunly fight someone, if someone else agrees to it xD Lets make it the Greatest VALUE Show xD

last time:

We ran some indie stuff, also a bit of 5E,
followed up by even more indie action in a castle by H

Meanwhile Simon fed me with lollipops for lunchbreak,
as he spend his retirement fund on minis

also very important:
If you wanna haggle with the vendors there, don’t stand next to H

“This is your thing! How much money do you have? Give him all your money!”

good times :laughing:

‘One day we should run some indie games again.’

will prolly do this :point_up: … maybe even run the game H pressured me into buying last time :rofl:
dunno yet :partying_face:

note for others: If you wanna run something bring a couple of pregens to choose from, unless your system is super simple

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“One day, if the con happens to fall on St. Patrick’s Evacuation Day, we should all get wicked wasted beforehand and play Yubble with unsuspecting con-goers.”