Vienna Fantasy Gaming Convention 2024 (17th of March)

Greetings all!

As @AmLash posted over on the Discord (link available in the top right :wink: ) the Vienna Fantasy Gaming Con is back

See here for more details - vienna fantasy gaming convention ( it’s happening on the 17 March 2024 so we’ve got a bit of time.

Like last time, I’d love for RPGVienna to have a presence there so lets use this thread to collect some ideas of what to do.


Way ahead of you, boss. A presence there has already been secured. :slight_smile:

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(pic by Alrik)


My two questions would be:

  • what has worked well in the past? Let us make sure to do at least some of those things again.
  • any ‘one day we should’ ideas from those who have been before?

“One day, when the doors open, we should sit Darth or Neil or whoever behind the table with some sharpies and a stack of 8x10 glossies while the rest of us act like rabid fans, just to see what happens.”


I will geniunly fight someone, if someone else agrees to it xD Lets make it the Greatest VALUE Show xD

last time:

We ran some indie stuff, also a bit of 5E,
followed up by even more indie action in a castle by H

Meanwhile Simon fed me with lollipops for lunchbreak,
as he spend his retirement fund on minis

also very important:
If you wanna haggle with the vendors there, don’t stand next to H

“This is your thing! How much money do you have? Give him all your money!”

good times :laughing:

‘One day we should run some indie games again.’

will prolly do this :point_up: … maybe even run the game H pressured me into buying last time :rofl:
dunno yet :partying_face:

note for others: If you wanna run something bring a couple of pregens to choose from, unless your system is super simple

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“One day, if the con happens to fall on St. Patrick’s Evacuation Day, we should all get wicked wasted beforehand and play Yubble with unsuspecting con-goers.”

Vienna Fantasy Gaming Convention 2024

  • When: Sunday 17th of March 2024, 11 a.m. till 5 p.m.

  • Where: BS Längenfeldgasse Längenfeldgasse 13-15 1120 Wien

  • Entry Fee: show the VFGC-die at the entry booth
    you get the dice at PLANET HARRY (5€; Otto-Bauer Gasse 19/1, 1060 Wien)

  • What to do?: TL;DR = Mingle and nerd
    … there will be second hand RPG-stuff to buy (read as: bring cash), people who present their (not yet) selfpublished games, a few funny tournaments here and there (e.g. dwarf-drawing/cosplay), VIVAT (a historical table-top group) will be there as well
    :game_die: … there is also a hall to run games

  • RPGVienna: we will have a table there to present ourselves :partying_face:

  • I Want to Run a Game: Awesome … although please keep in mind, that the table we will have there is only to present ourselves - still you can run games in the hall :+1:
    … also there is much to discover there:
    so if you bring something to run, be mentally prepared, that there is a chance that everyone else will be occupied with something else :smiley:
    … also unless the system is super easy (Action Castle, Itras By, Household, SHERPA, etc.) , please bring pre-generated characters to choose from to save time :smiley_cat:

see you there



Say one wants to go there, bringing players, and run a game - can you book a table to game on or is it first-come-first-served? How does it work?

last time there were plenty of tables to game on in the hall, so we didn’t have a problem grabbing one for the semi-spontaneous games we organised

the main “problem” you gonna have is that your potential players wanna play something else or are lost wandering around the venue and shopping awesome second hand stuff^^

that’s why I wrote:

so if you bring something to run, be mentally prepared, that there is a chance that everyone else will be occupied with something else :smiley:

reminder that this is happening this week


if you have any questions regarding the event … drop me a line (either post here, write me a PM, or ask on our Discord)

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some pictures from the second hand market there (bring cash; the closest ATM is far away):



0704CD2A-3B9ACA00-6-vfgc_martin4 0704CD2A-3B9ACA00-7-vfgc_michael

some more stuff there

this is a non-complete list

Free RPG Day

at PLANET HARRY’s desk


rpg & fantasy merch


skirmish tabletop / minis



historical tabletop

Anna Maria Jung

comics / illustrator


the next ATM is far away … so bring :moneybag: cash

foodwise there is a small Kiosk and a small pizza / döner shop close by
being a Sunday … everything else will be closed … so would be a good idea to bring :tropical_drink: :meat_on_bone: :cupcake:

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See You Tomorrow :slight_smile:


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Sadly I got sick.

Wish anyone who is going a lot of fun.

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