Veteran and new(er) player looking for group

Hi! I’m (27, she/her) a passionate DnD player and long term DM. My current campaign is 3+ years in the running and I wanna get to play myself again!

Together, with one of my newer players (22, he/him), we are looking for a DM and a DnD group.

There are many perks of having us in your group:

  • I have loads of miniatures, terrain etc. to share
  • We are both not shy to RP
  • I have a master subscription on DnD beyond and nearly all books
  • I have two 3D printers
  • I am open to hosting games (have cats and a dog)
  • We take notes as a players
  • If you’re a newer DM, we will support you and I can help out with standard rules (conditions or spell wordings etc) but will default your ruling :slightly_smiling_face:

What we are looking for:

  • A fun dnd 5e campaign meant to be longer running - doesn’t matter whether it’s homebrew or a pre written adventure.
  • Would prefer an official setting (my own game is in Eberron, would prefer another setting - but open to it)
  • Regular in person sessions (every 1-2 weeks)
  • Fun for both of us is: focus on RP, versatile battles, players who RP with each other, immersive engagement with the DMs world
  • A group who wants to emotionally engage in the rollercoaster that a dnd campaign can be
  • Important to both is: a session 0 to communicate expectations, checking boundaries (I.e. what kind of graphic or sexual content is off limits for each player).

We are both very excited to start playing as soon as possible! So if you think you want us at your table let us know! We can have a session 0 and see if it‘s a match!


Hi! <: So nice to meet you!

I’m 28 (any pronouns, they/she most of the time) and I’m also looking for some fellow adventurers! I’m a freelance artist, so I can offer doodles of our characters.

I’ve played Warhammer a couple of years ago, but that’s it when it comes to my actual Pen & Paper experience, BUT I wouldn’t say I don’t know anything about DnD. Atm I’m watching Exandria Unlimited / Critical Role, I have the DnD Starter Set at home bc I ran a mini game with my hubby (mainly homebrew though) and I’m an overall fantasy nerd & hobby writer (with about 54309 OCs). However, since I’m still a newbie, I don’t feel confident enough to take on the role of a DM, but I’d love to join your group as a fellow player if you’ll have me!

Your group’s values and priorities, especially open communication, are exactly what I’m looking for in a group as well! <3

I’d say a session every 1-2 weeks works for me too. I’m available mostly on Friday afternoons/evenings.

Excited to hear back from you!

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I might or might not be the guy for you.

I’m DMing mini campaigns in the world of warcraft for a while now. I’d like to tell longer warcraft stories in DND. There is enough material for years, but if you have played wow you will recognize them.

(Also my future is currently very uncertain. I might not be in Vienna next semester)

3 year eberron campaign? jealous af!

You sound like awesome pleople to play with!

I am (27, male) a passionate player and of course a DM too. I never had a long-runnning campaign as a DM yet, although up until this year’s summer I was running both a Rime of the Frostmaiden and a Curse of Strahd game.Both campaigns came to an end when I was subjected to several tragic family events in a short time span.

Now that I have recovered a bit, I think I am ready to start DMing a campaign again. With winter around the corner, I would love to give Rime of the Frostmaiden, set in a slightly modified Faerun/Forgotten Realms. (If you want, I can also set it in my homebrew world entirely, but you said you prefer official settings :slight_smile:

  • I am quite experienced with D&D 5e mechanics, I enjoy building encounters with unique (sometimes homebrew) mechanics. A session 0 is important for me as I want to know my players, discuss homebrew/houserules, character creation rules and boundaries.
  • For me, the players’ fun and particularly the Rule of Cool is very important. When you ask me if you can do something, I will try to find a way to make it work - as long as it is reasonable of course.
  • I do not like to restrict players. I allow homebrew in my games (but want to check it beforehand to ensure that it is balanced) and write a lot of homebrew myself which you can use of course.
  • Your characters and their backstories are important to me, I will try my best to incorporate your character’s backstory into the campaign.
  • Music is very important for me. I might be a bit on the audiophile side, but that aside, I always use background music when possible and would love to have themes for your characters that I can play at the appropriate moment :wink:
  • I do have quite a few miniatures, but don’t have a 3D printer yet, but of course it would be awesome if you could print some miniatures in case I need them!
  • I can host too, I am located in Hietzing, close to the U4.(we currently have no pets, but used to have a dog and very likely will get a new puppy in about two weeks)
  • Weekly or bi-weekly in-persion sessions is exactly what I want as a DM :slight_smile:
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Hey bykula,

I just read your post and sounds like you and your friend are exactly what we are looking for :slight_smile: The regular in person setting should not be a problem, we just figured out that it is hard to find players that are willing to commit to that, so we decided to offer a hybrid variant… buuut if we find people that are willing to meet every week to play, hell yeah, for sure we gonna do that… Sessions would be either in egnlish or german, as you prefer… and for sure we would want a session 0, on the one hand to see how we vibe and on the other to discuss all the game settings and boundaries as you mentioned… So if you are interessted, just let me know and I would gladly send you the intro to the campaign and set up a first meeting.

So long, hava a wonderful sunday evening and hopefully we see you two soon.

cheers Matt