Vampire: the masquerade - group of 4 players looking for gm

Hi there,

we are 4 DnD players looking for an introductory adventure/one shot into vampire: the masquerade v5.

Any gm out there willing to host a few sessions? A German speaking game with a little piece of every pillar of the game would be most appreciated. We are looking for an in person game in Vienna.


Hi :woman_vampire:s & :man_vampire:s

welcome to our community

could run a V5 oneshot
my timetable is tight though

you could hit me up at the RPGVienna Discord
(I use the same name, Darthbinks, there)
or send me a pm
maybe we could work something out :slight_smile:


Hi Darthbinks,
thanks for the offer, I wrote a dm on discord.

Looking forward to it :slight_smile:

I could DM no problem and if theres GM i would love to play

Hi Hawy06,
thanks for the reply but we would just like to play an introductory session with the fixed group of players for comfort reasons. Darthbinks will host a one shot and explain the game and all, would be quite boring for non first time players anyways.
If we want to play again I will reach out to you :slight_smile: