Value on a Saturday


Since I work Friday evenings I’m looking for a dnd-5e group to play with regularly on Saturdays.

Time and place to be determined.

Hey, would be down for that! Since my friends’ group do not play that often, i wanted to find an additional one. I have no DM experience, but quite some as a player, both 5e and 3.5e.

PM me!

There was talk of setting up something like the Friday night sessions at a separate venue - someone had a lead on a possible venue I heard.

I am in a similar situation where my Friday nights are now blocked by work, with some rare exceptions, I would love to see a Saturday V.A.L.U.E. set up - same as Friday, just on Saturday.

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if anybody feels like organising it, nobody is stopping y’all :smiley:

but it feels like @Takanari is looking for a campaign rather than “just” V.A.L.U.E., best of luck in finding something that suits you

I’m looking for either/both a value or a campaign setting.

There are many possible venues in Vienna. I’m happy to look for one if the players/dms are there.

Ok… Situation has changed a little:

I’m hosting a game of DnD 5e tomorrow at 15:00 at my place. (Address via pm)

Up to 5 people are welcome. We are still looking for a dm with a little bit more experience than we have.

hey i would be down for a game or campain, i haven’t played in 2 years though :smiley: i know its a bit late but if there is room for next week let me know

Yes. A bit late for today. But I’ll let all of you know how my Saturday sessions will continue.

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