Valuable Tabletops: TDA & AotP

During one of the future V.A.L.U.E. Friday meet-ups I would like to occupy one of the tables and play Three Dragon Ante or MTG Arena of the Planeswalkers with Expansion. My goal is to incorporate one of those games as a game-in-game during a 5e session. And to do so I need to know how to play it properly. I haven’t played them yet, so we would get to learn, discover, experiment and bend the rulers together as we go along.

Anyone who is interested please reply here and we’ll figure out which Friday works for us. I’m usual there every second week.

If required I am ready to link you to the MTG players at WOW.

Thank you for your offer. Arena of the Planeswalkers doesn’t need the players to know MTG. And its lore can also be found in 5e’s Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica. If you know anyone who might want to join this kind of tabletop session, please point them here.

Honestly, considering the huge amount of players we currently have, we should not use VALUE tables at WoWKeepers for anything other than D&D or occadinally other tabletop RPG systems (like Pathfinder or Spire).

I hope you understand :slight_smile: At saturday VALUE in Sägewerk we would have enough space for other games though.


:100: :point_up:

as Banjo wrote, you could try to drop in at a Thursday, since on that day the MtG players are there

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So Saturdays at Sägewerk or Thursdays at Keepers. Got it.

… and Thursdays comes with a ton of MtG players, who could help you :+1:

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