V.A.L.U.E train keeps on going!

Hey players!
How about some more V to the E this Friday?

If you are new check out this!

V.A.L.U.E. rules for new players

If you need loot check out this!

Item unlocks and their tcp cost can be found here.

If you are in a chatty mood check out this!
Discord for questions and stuff

And if you are a DM or a player please say so below. I will try to be present and DM anything between t1 and t3 or gladly play:)

See you there!

Hi, new guy here. I will be there as a player. :slight_smile:

I’ll join in too with my lvl2 char for T1 table if possible.

I will be there and dm an adventure set in Ravnica
it’s Tier 1 (and if I would not modify anything balanced for level 3 characters)

please be advised that creating a character with a Background from a Ravnica Guild is highly recommended

players, who haved played previous adventures, will have a “premium seat” reserved

if you miss this … don’t worry … I will dm “bests of” at some later date :slight_smile:

read more here:
-> The VALUE of Ravnica

I will be there too, preferably for tier 2 :slight_smile:

I will be there along with Fel and maybe one additional Person.

All with T1 (LVL 1) Chars

I’ll be there with a lvl 1 char.

would be cool if I could join a table this friday too with my lvl 2 character :grin:

buddy of mine is probably gonna tag along if that’s ok

If there is space, Ill join with my lvl2 character!

I’ll be there to.

Would like to continue @Darthbinks table, Twitch needs to earn more money to repay his debts.

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I’d like to join again with my T1 lvl4 char :slight_smile:

I will also join the meeting with a t1 or t2.
Also I can create a character for the Ravnica adventure

I too will be along for Ravnica!

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Good Morning! :slight_smile:

-> Burggasse 68, Cafe Zehnsiebzig
-> 7:00 pm

@cat4laugh (T1-T3)
@Darthbinks (T1 Ravnica ; optimized for level 3 )

players - Ravnica "premium seat":
@healywp (T1 Ravnica )
@joeder (T1 Ravnica )

@George (T1-T2)
@Dinkelmehl (T1; level 1)
@Nyar (T1; level 1)
@Semako (T1-T2)
@SilentButDeadly (T1)
@that_jon (T1)
@Thrainn (T1)
@zamoterix (T1)
@Calderos (T1; level 1)
… will be there with another person (T1; level 1)
… and additionally potentially with another one ^^ (T1; level 1)

keep in mind that you need to have been jabbed 21+ days ago or have a valid test to be able to enter

I will be there earlier to help with potential character creation^^

cya :partying_face:

P.S.: looks like 2 dms and 10-11 players

P.P.S.: maybe one of the listed players wants to dm today as well?


I can bring along a 1~2 lvl adventure and DM if needed.


As promise, so it shalt be due. Im comng today and bringing a T1 adventure to play. A new one or an old one, havent decided yet,

Hey everyone, I’m in for tonight, I’ll bring T1/2/3 characters.

I’ll be 15 min late