V.A.L.U.E.* The Twice Broken Clock

The “world” has ended countless times over the course of history. Famine or War, Flood or Fire, disaster natural and synthetic have shattered the world, and each time people rebuild and move forward, adapting to the new way the world has shuffled itself around. Creating always something new, something beautiful, something horrible. In living memory, the world has ended twice: Once when the first shots of the Great War shattered the fragile peace of Eberron, and once more when the war ended as a great unknowable mist filled the streets of Cyre, and people put down their swords, afraid of what they may yet lose. The world stares down its third ending in a century, or at least a certain world does, as the Cannith fires that brought about new life have all gone silent, and the gears and blood of the warforged slowly wind down and dry up, soon to be another lost story to history. Each time people rebuild and move forward, but sometimes, some glorious times, a few souls rise up, see that something new, something beautiful, something horrible and say NOT. YET. Not this time. And so our story unfolds, following these brave, damned souls as they try to save this twice broken clock in Eberron.


This campaign will follow the parties as they create a new faction in the world and try to relight the lost forges of house Cannith and keep the race of autonomous folks known as warforged from dying out. The campaign will be structured mostly as a series of one offs, with downtime at the start of each story connecting to the previous session (this is done to allow players to drop in and out, and still allow new folks to join at any time). The character structure will be mostly VALUE, though with homebrew items and feats that you may have to discuss carrying to other sessions with other DMs; additionally downtime actions between sessions will be different than the ones mentioned in the VALUE post.

I will update this post and the following ones with characters and rewards as they are discovered. I want to run this on the normal Friday games, seats will be preferential to previous players (I can max 8 players regularly if there’s enough interest, but that’s always tough). Finally, if you want to play, post your character below in a post so y’all know you’re also Dramitis Personae!


Dramatis Personae:

  • Candle: Founder of “Don’t stop the Clock(work sentient race of people known as warforged)”; a fire-genasi artificer with more heart than sense. Alter-ego of the ‘superhero’ the Flame of Vengeance.
  • “Don’t stop the Clock(work sentient race of people known as warforged)”: Faction created to help save the warforged.
  • Dennis: Runs the bar The Retired Warlock, has worked with Candle in the past and helps as a fixer. Now works on the Clockworks Creation, running “Around the Clock”
  • Ted: Warforged Mecromancer who has found a Cannith HeartForge.
  • Terry: A turtle that was forged into a large robotic turtle. Carries Ted’s tower
  • Zephyrous: A tabaxi mechanic who recently one the Blade Desert Grand Prix.
  • William the Kidd: An old human scientist, used to hang out with Sylvana.
  • Jimmy Space: Warforged tactician, used to date Theo. Now married to William the Kidd.
  • Craig: An elder bronze dragon freed by the crew; funds larger expeditions and brings along a cadre of kobolds.
  • Daniel: An old elven pilot from the army who’s identity Harry stole in the past.
  • Soup: A ogress cook who worked in Hunter’s old regiment.

Items and Feats:

  • Double Bow: Allows the user to shoot two arrows per attack round; 1d8 twice per attack.
  • Grappling Wrist Hook: Spiderman web that can grab items weighing less than 7 kg, 30 foot range.
  • Bag of Fruits: Creates fruit producing objects when a seed is thrown
  • Clockwork Weasel: Acts as find familiar but is a clockwork weasel.

The Story So Far:

  • The first thing a faction needs is a base of operations. To achieve this goal the party has been contracted by Candle to break into a House Lyrandar breaking yard and steal two cores from a pair of Lyrandar Airships about to be scrapped to complete her pet project.
  • The party steals the cores and returns to Candle under fire. The party must now rendezvous with the bottom of the Clockwork’s Creation before they run out of fuel.
  • The party rendezvoused with Ted and Terry, after making an enmy of Reginald Darktooth’s 5th armoured shock troopers.
  • The party staffed up the boat and got settled on the boat