V.A.L.U.E @1070 The Nothic observes

Meeting place is Cafe Zehnziebzig at 19:00. Please announce yourself in this thread wether you dm or play.

I will continute to play at Resil’s table ^^

For new players:

V.A.L.U.E Rules for creating a character

Item unlocks and tcp costs

Provisionally***** I will be present to DM part 2 of the 6 faces of death T3 (L12)

Players of part 1 have preference for the table:
@Resil :heavy_check_mark:
@joeder :heavy_check_mark:
@PatrickD :heavy_multiplication_x:
@BufoBufo :heavy_check_mark:
@Atoh-nym :heavy_check_mark:

Semako :question:

T3! I’d love to get there, but someresil keeps exploding me. So, I’d like to enter the fray with Lvl5 again. I will bring a sacrifial lamb for E.V.I.L. too just in case. And a T1 backup. Might be delayed by 15 minutes, though.


I will be there as well, with my T2 sorcerer Zephyros.

If there’ll be no T2 table, I might play T3 at Samgiblett’s table with my druid.

I will either play at Sams table or continue with the part 2 of E.V.I.L. War scenario

Perfect, I’ll join your table again with my T3 druid.

otherwise I’ll bring also T1/2 characters to play.

Triksy is eager to add a name or two to his list of victims as he continue his ascend through the ranks of E.V.I.L. Or could do with a vacation from villainy on another table T2 as a level 8 rogue. Otherwise I have few low T1/T2 characters that could benefit from a tryout.

Sounds good.
In case that Sam can’t make it, i’ll prep a t2 adventure from season 5 (storm kings thunder)

Great! I’ll be happy to join again.

Otherwise I will bring a T1 and T2 characters (and a T1 adventure, just in case)

Can’t be there :frowning:

i would like to play my T1 Firbolg Cleric again but will also bring a T2 version as well, just in case.

Did we agree last time to level up from 11? Can’t remember, seemed balanced…

Yes, you levelled up last time so should be L12 but you might not this time depends on how efficient you are

Hi everyone

Tom here, the owner of 1070. We’re glad to have you all and – as you all know – we don’t charge anything for using the space and we’ve also been happy to keep the space reserved for you all every Friday night.

However, we will have to set some ground rules:

  1. No food or drink brought from outside.
  2. Please use the two tables in the white room before adding extra tables outside.
  3. To keep things friendly, we ask that you all plan on consuming two drinks per person over the 6 hour period of Adventure League in exchange for the space. This has never been a problem before with AL and I don’t think it is unreasonable to ask. However, the last few weeks have not been very “sustainable” (with a few people ordering only tap water the whole night, etc.), so we would ask you all the keep this in mind.

Thank you in advance


Hey, I will relay this message to the discord server. I don’t think it is unreasonable either. Thank you for allowing us to use this space.


If resil dms, i’ll join E.V.I.L again

I’m still feeling a bit sick since last weekend, and with the stupid Corona being around and sharing a lot of similarities with the common flu (that I have a huge tendency of having, often) I don’t want to risk it. It’s gonna suck for Trisky to pass up on some fun but I’ll have to sit this one out. In case I feel better, I’ll join up next week, if not, then I have more to worry about than rolling dice :thinking:

i’ll be there, for E.V.I.L if possible

I changed my mind :slight_smile: I am currently writing up a oneshot as we speak

I will be there to run Biology Shock.

An E.V.I.L OneShot set in the City of Capture for T2

Some of you who play games might see some similarites to a certain game. These are purely coincidental

I would like to join that with my lvl 6 bard, since i missed a bit E.V.I.L. the last few times