V.A.L.U.E. @ 1070 - Death awaits, are you ready to embrace it?

Sorry guys and gals won’t make it tomorrow… Have fun!

current sign ups:
DMs and players that stated a preference for a specific DMs table:

  • Tersidian DM level 1 Death House (in case this adventure is not needed today, i’ll have my T2 “neutral” fighter, as well as a T1 very evil gnome baker on me)
  • pfeifer DM T2
    • Michi T2
    • Kenta T2
    • capu T2
    • Shadow T2
  • cat4laugh DM T1/T2
    • BufoBufo T1/T2
    • Mexikorn T1
    • ArgaVanori T1
  • PatrickD DM T1
    • joeder T1/2/3
    • Growl4Initiative T1

Players without stated preference:

  • Semako T1/T2
  • Daniel T1
  • Purecell T1
  • Jss T1?
  • Jss+1 T1?

I probably will play at @PatrickDs table.

Hey everyone, Ill make it tonight, tonight, id prefer to play on Pfeifers table. Otherwise T123, as needed.
Cu soon!


I’d like to join Patrick’s Table - T1

@pfeifer im running approx 20-30min behind schedule. hope i can still join once i arrive :slight_smile:

@cwebb Yes. Playing at resil´s table that much and enduring every possible kind of death has made me
… powerful

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(Wrong topic):frowning:

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