Usa! usa!

Oh, man. Did you guys catch the game last night? We were robbed!

So I’ve been totally getting into this World Football Cup of Soccer thing, and yesterday I was cheering myself hoarse for the boys from the good old US of A again. And I was all psyched that we were winning, too - how was I to know we weren’t the team in red? They claimed the team with the lead was from some place called “Bell-Jum.” Yeah, right. How likely is that? I’ve never heard of anyplace called “Bell-Jum,” and I’ve been to 37 states!

So that was a major let-down. We had just scored two home runs, too.

But then I started cheering for the other team, and sure enough, we started dominating and scored the winning touchdown. Woohoo! USA! USA! Except then the stupid ref only gave us one point, when every six-year-old knows that a touchdown is worth seven. Can you believe it? So instead of winning 7 to 2, they said we lost! How lame is that?

So yeah, we were totally robbed. I think it’s time to send some “military advisors” to this “Bell-Jum” place, if you know what I mean.

If we can ever figure out where it is.



However I will continue to tell unsuspecting cashier-ladies stories of my oh so sad “nephew” who fears he wont collect all the teams before this Promotion is over. :wink: