Update: New DnD Campaign!

Hey guys and gals,

a quick update and a new thread to make further arrangements.

At the moment, we have 15 players for our campaigns. That hits the perfect spot for 3 seperate groups. Yay! :slight_smile:

But we only have 2 DM’s for our Curse of Strahd campaigns. Is anyone willing to be the DM for one additional group?

The way I see it, we support each other DM’ing as much as possible between the groups. If people dont get along, we might get the chance to switch players between us and if a few players stop playing for one reason or the other, we can merge into 2 groups again (though we might be able to compensate with new people visitng the forum and looking for a group).


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I guess from our 15 people no one is able to be the 3rd DM (Me included). Could we make a shout out to the rest of the forum to see if there is a more expierenced DM, that is willing to take on new group?

I’ll talk with some people on Friday at the AL if they’d be willing to DM, otherwise I will just DM for 2 groups until someone is willing to take the lead :slight_smile:

I’m waiting for the end of the week in case some other players want to join last minute, and maybe I still find another DM. If you are intent on playing with an experienced DM, I suggest writing to Gotti90 that you wqnt to join his group.

Anyway, at the end of the week I will get in contact with all the players to form the groups. I personally want to play an oneshot next week if my players got the time.

Good to know that you have a plan B.
By the way I dont care much with what DM I will end up, may it be you, Gotti90 or someone else.

Hey guys, I’m new on the forum but can be a DM for a 5 group people if you guys need =)

FYI the groups will be randomly selected this week

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