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It seemed the forums are a bit empty at the moment so I wanted to start up a bit of a conversation about unommon and or unconventional RPGs. :slightly_smiling_face:

I recently got my hands on the swedish-released “Vaesen”, published by Fria Ligan (Free League), who makes some of the coolest pen & paper systems I’ve come across… This one in particular is a nordic horror system in which you hunt these mythological creatures (Vaesen) and is quite different than many other games I’ve played.

This is the book itself.

But the publisher also put out some other really cool systems, such as ALIEN, Tales from The Loop, Forbidden Lands and my absolute favourite ---- Death in Space <3

Point is, it’s something different from D&D, something fresh & fun. Would anyone be interested if I were to DM a game of Vaesen? or in the near future Death in Space?

Do you maybe know any other cool system that you can point me to?

Have a cool day!

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Vaesen sounds fun - gave it a read but never played it
(I know and gamed TftL und also Mutant Year 0 in the past however)

Fragged Empire is one of my favorite crunshy “indie” RPGs
(that is a really awsome post-postapocalyptic scifi :australia: rpg)
they are shipping their 2E kickstarter right now


New Fire is one of my favorite narrative “indie” RPGs
(that is a pre-columbian meso-american-inspired fantasy rpg)
:point_up: dm-ed that for RPGVienna a couple of times

honorable mention:
Tenra Bansho Zero is a really interesting :jp: rpg
(that’s a magitech total war setting with game mechanics inspired by kabuki)
:point_up: dm-ed that for RPGVienna a few times

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Yeah, it’s absolutely delightful too.
Also, how is TftL? It just looks so different!

Also just looked up all the reccomendations! All seemed worth getting into, especiallly Fraged Empire, really nice that one, from the previews at least! :smiley:

Vaesen sounds great, already heard good things about the system. Count me in :slight_smile:

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I’d be interested in trying out Vaesen!

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I love the art for Vaesen. I don’t know too much about it, but would love to give it a go if you ever run it!

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I’ll let everyone know when it happens!
@K-the-fox @cryion @svn


if there is room, I’d love to be a part of it ^^

If it happens on a weekday and you need more players, I’m also interested

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