Two guys seeking a new group!

HI! I’m Pablo, from Spain and me and my friend (Jasiek, from Poland) are looking to join a classic DnD group (high fantasy setting) that is open to newbies (I played DnD before, but that was like 10 years ago so…) and also in English. We speak German, but not good enough to play I would say.

Regarding roleplay experience, both of us have played Dragon Age (I’m specially fond of the first one) for example, so we’re not totally newbies in RPG games (I’ve played also for a long time WoW as a main tank).

Looking forward to play :slight_smile:

Try coming to our weekly V.A.L.U.E. Games. Everyone is welcome there. As a start it is the best course IMO

Yes and you you made meet others where your playing style match quite a few groups started at the Open Fridays

Thanks guys, we will check it :slight_smile:

I just now see that I have missed this weeks game, but I will Try to go next week.

If You guys went, how’s it been?

Hey, sorry I didn’t saw your message earlier. We are actually going this Friday for the first time, and we plan to be there around 18:30, you’re more than welcome to join us

Unfortunately I work at a place where introducing corona will be really bad, so I will have to pull back on RPG’s in person for some time. But I would still want to hear Your opinion on the group meetings for the future (hopefully covid free) future.

If you are not set on D&D as the rules system, I run a homebrew campaign, classic fantasy setting, now running for over a year and we are looking for 1-2 new players because one of the old players has to leave for private reasons.

We play online at the moment, due to Corona. (Discord + Astral)