In the grand Binksian tradition, a brief summary of Traveller for those considering playing tonight:

Traveller is a simple game …

“An easy to read format” should be used, such as: CE-3455762-300000-401000-0

… in which the players and the referee are partners in telling a story …

Advice for referees: “Don’t be afraid to kill off characters …”

… without getting bogged down by unnecessary rules …

“Compute several values for L, for several values of G, beginning at 0.25 and increasing in increments of 0.25 until the value of G equals or exceeds Gs (that is, until L is equal to or less than R).”

… in which … um … aw, crud, I’m just scaring everybody off, aren’t I? Hello? Where did everybody go?

(Note to self: Get Darth to write the intro next time. :smiley: )

I only heard of this system on the happyjacks-podcast were they tell stories about dying IN character generation.