Tournament V Sign-up


Team Pirate is ready to start around 7pm. :desert_island:


One might say it’s a…

… Wait for it…


(I’ll show myself out…)

In all seriousness though, I’ll be there tonight. I don’t think I’ll be able to stay too long, but I’ll at least have a beer with you guys!


Sorry guys but I won’t be able to make it tonight after all. Hmpf. :confused:


So just wondering. Will we be rolling lvl. 1 characters?


Six o’clock funeral it is! :b

Everybody will receive pre-generated characters.

Good luck tonight, everyone!

(Now to actually write the scenario …)


When would it be best to be there and does any of you know roughly how long a game will go? I have to ask since I have to manage my shedule.


Even though we already did it in person tonight, I want to use this post-tournament silence on the forum to thank the great GMs Harald and Scott for running this crazy event for all these groups in one evening!

So, I raise my undead hook of a hand to ye!



thanks for organizing and running this awesome event, i had loads of fun


Thanks again, it was awesome!


And another load of thanks from me, it was a blast from the beginning till the death (undeath?) :grinning:


Thank you Scott and H for DMing, it was great! :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for organizing and running this! That was just awesome!

Seriously, I didn’t know anything…


Sure. That’s what you said for the last three years, right?


Time for a couple loose ends:

First off, the results, since some people had to leave before they were announced:

The winners, for the third time in five years, were those most piratical of players, Alrik, Darthbinks, S_journ and Thopthes. What was I thinking to let you guys loose on a pirate island to wreak havoc once again; I tip my befeathered tricorn to you.

In second place, the team that actually succeeded in swiping said tricorn right off the pirate captain’s head, BUProf, Johannes, Pjotr and Siobhan. Well played, and next time, please don’t try so hard to break the DM.

(All results pending the outcome of the Islandgate investigation.)

Thanks again for all the kind words, and congratulations to all parties for once again making mincemeat of my best-laid traps and coming up with all sorts of ideas I never could have thought of. And of course thanks also to gridshadow - like the characters, I also left him stranded and ill-equiped on Thursday. Well played indeed, sir!

See you all next year!


I wasn’t stranded like the players - after all, the players at least had some flotsam they could use.

I just want to state that I am cooperating fully with the investigation and I am confident that no evidence of wrongdoing will be found. All further questions should be directed to my lawyers as, unfortunately, I will be out of the country for the next 6 months.

More seriously, a big thank you to H for both writing the plot and letting me run some of the groups. Also thank you to all the players for an interesting and fun evening.


Thanks for the invite to the tornament. I had quite a good time playing … and my character had even time to mud-wrestle a wild boar. :smile:


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