Tournament V Sign-up

You are cordially invited to yet another evening of exploration, merriment and almost certain death at

The 5th Annual RPG Vienna D&D Tournament


October 19, 2017

at Vienna’s famed Spielbar tavern.

Come one, come all, as we once again venture into the unknown to face fearsome foes, tangle with tricky traps, and ponder perplexing puzzles! No experience with D&D (or RPGs of any kind) necessary - just bring a pencil and your lucky dice.

Once upon a time, tournaments were a key part of the role-playing scene, attracting large crowds and spawning several of D&D’s most iconic scenarios. Several years ago, we decided to recreate this tradition by running a tournament of our own. The first one seemed to go over well, and it’s since turned into an annual event. We’ve certainly had some unforgettable moments - if there’s anything cooler to be found in fantasy gaming than staring down a beholder, I haven’t seen it.

In previous RPGV tournaments, players have woken vampires, befriended dragons, sailed the seas as undead pirates until the ends of time, and found many a salty solution to puzzling problems, all in an attempt to emerge as champion.

This time, things might actually get a little bit difficult …

Adventuring parties will simultaneously set off on their quests, encountering similar challenges, but having very different adventures depending on the choices they make. At its heart, the tournament is like any other evening of D&D - in other words, an excuse to share a beverage with other nice people and let your mind drift to other worlds - but with the added frisson of competing with other players.

If you’re ready to face this year’s challenge, please sign up in this thread. The tournament is open to everyone. Please also let me know when you can arrive, and whether you have to leave early. If you have any questions, feedback, suggestions or criticisms, post away.

Also, if you would be interested in DMing at this year’s event, please drop me a line.

Lastly, thanks to everyone for the opportunity to run these things, and for turning a small experiment into an annual tradition. Five years seems like a long time now, and it’s been a blast.

Best of luck to everyone - you might just need it!


I will be there! Around 8, as usual, but I’m definitely there. Looking forward to it!

I will gladly attend.

Sounds interesting, i’ll be there, can arrive as early as 5 pm

I’ll definitely be there. Probably by 4 or 5

I’ll be there! :slight_smile: earliest at around 7ish

I will be there too - around 7, maybe a bit earlier.

I can be there around 7. Shouldn’t stay too long though.

I’m in!
I can be there at the turn of the tide (5:00+) and I’ve just summoned the pirate crew…

Part 1 of piratecrew summoned

I’m in :slight_smile:

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Yes for this.

I could arrive earlier than 7:00 if necessary. Just need to clear it with the DM (wife).



(Stupid interface won’t let me post a simple Arrrrrrrrrrr, claiming “this seems to be an incomplete sentence”… Pfff. But me complaining about that does the trick)

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I will try to be there!

Just a heads up, the most I got to know about D’n’D rules is through Critical Role, so I’m an absolute newbie to the system.
Sorry to my future party members in advance :wink:

Still there’s a place in the skeleton crew in the ghost pirate ship?
If yes, I’ll gladly attend (earliest around 7).

I’d love to come, but I might have to leave a little early…

After a long absence from Spielbar I will check out this tournament. When am I supposed to be there? Will 18:00 be OK?

I’ll also make my comeback, count me in! :slight_smile:

Arf, typical me didn’t check his calendar correctly. I can sadly only stay until 21h-21h10. Hope we can start early around 6-ish so that I have time to wholeheartedly mess up for the party and then just leave… :smiley:


The only question is … which teams bribed you to sabotage the competition? :smiley:

The metagame gets more convoluted every year …

Since the question came up:

Perhaps surisingly, this hasn’t been the case. I can remember only one instance way back in year one where a veteran player gained a significant advantage from familiarity with the game. On the other hand, in the following year, not knowing the game allowed somebody to find an out-of-the-box solution the old hands never would have come uo with. (Neither wound up winning.)

Some other tournaments did extensively test players’ rules knowledge, but this isn’t the goal here. These scenarios are designed specifically with the intention that anyone should be able succeed, regardless of experience.