Tournament III Sign-up

You are cordially invited to an evening of adventure, comradery, and almost certain death …

It’s time. Time to find new champions. Time for our third annual tournament!

In previous tournaments, players have woken vampires, stared down beholders, befriended dragons, sailed the seas as undead pirates until the ends of time, and found many a salty solution to perplexing problems, all in an attempt to emerge as champion.

This time, things might actually get difficult.

If you’re ready to face a new set of challenges, please sign up in this thread. We’ll be playing on Oct. 8 & 15. Just let me know on which days you’re able to play, how early you can arrive at Spielbar, and also whether you have to leave early.

The tournament is open to everyone. No experience with D&D, tournaments or even role-playing games of any nature required.

Good luck - you might just need it!

Should you be unfamiliar with role-playing tournaments, don’t let that dissuade you. The scenario will play just like any other, except that in addition to making your way through the adventure, you’ll also be competing against other teams of players.

Once upon a time, tournaments were an important part of the RPG scene, and many of the most iconic adventures debuted as tourneys. Two years ago, we decided to go back in time and resurrect the format, complete with time limits, scoring and serious bragging rights for the winners.

So join us in October, and start sharpening your blades and your wits. See you there!

Nice one!
I’m up for it. both days are fine, as far as I know. Don’t have to leave early, even though it’s a school night :wink: earliest I can do is 7:45pm (possibly earlier, but just to make sure :smiley:) Cheers H!

Will there be pregens of every class or do you build the character first?




I’m in

both dates should be fine

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.
It’s on now.
Both dates work for me, although I’d prefer an earlier timeslot if it were possible.

Non-combat policy, here we go!

I’m in but can only come on the 15th, I can arrive at 6pm if necessary and I don’t need to leave particularly early.

I can be there either day, by 7:45ish!

readies salt

I can make it on both dates. As early as 6:15 pm.

Hope Alrik and Darth are in as well.

I should be available if not one both of the days but until I get my roster I can’t say.

I’m available both days, from 7:30.

Don’t really want a late night on the 15th - my German course starts again that week and I need to be in work early on Friday to compensate.

Oooh, me, me, pick me!

I can definitely do the 8th, the 15th depends on when I need to be at this conference in Berlin the weekend after…

I usually work till 6pm (ish - but we’re in the eye of the storm right now where projects are concerned) and it takes me about half an hour to get there if I go straight from work, but could do earlier if I have to. (Just work later another day.)

Right. The conference is from the 16th to the 18th - of November! So it currently looks like I could do either day.

Hey Guys,

Its been a while, new job has often prevented me from being able to join for a Thursday session. Vanessa and I will both be able to attend the Tournament on the 8th, not sure about the following week (work schedule hasn’t been made yet).

See you next week!

Does one have to be there on both dates?


The 2 dates are there to give all willing players the oppertunity to get 1 point more than GJsoft had last time :smiley:

There will be only just one dm, -H-, who will have to pull of a “quote” Tori Amos dm-style to give every group enough spotlight.
I would have used the term Ryo Okumoto* probably, but that’s just being me :slight_smile:

[size=85]* the keyboard player on the left[/size]

Nice! :slight_smile: I’ll be there, slightly prefer the 15th, don’t have to leave early.

You guys are going down. I am armed with a ton of Mickey Mouse stickers that I’ll use to bribe -H- (courtesy of Merkur). My plan is sound-proof. And fool-proof.

P.S.: I’m making a cover of that Hymn when I win this. It’ll forever mark this great day.