Tournament II Sign-up

You are cordially invited to an evening of adventure, comradery, and almost certain death …

It’s time. Time to find new champions. Time for our second annual tournament!

[i]To win last year’s crown, the victors …

Discovered a fiendish death trap … and willingly walked inside,

Woke an ancient, murderous vampire,

And, just in passing, stared down a beholder.[/i]

Last year was easy.

If you’re ready to face a new set of challenges, please sign up in this thread. We’ll be playing on Oct. 9 & 16. Just let me know on which days you’re able to play, how early you can arrive at Spielbar, and also whether you have to leave early.

The tournament is open to everyone. No experience with D&D or even role-playing games of any nature required.

Good luck - you might just need it!

Should you be unfamiliar with role-playing tournaments, don’t let that dissuade you. The scenario will play just like any other, except that in addition to making your way through the adventure, you’ll also be competing against other teams of players.

Once upon a time, tournaments were an important part of the RPG scene, and many of the most iconic adventures debuted as tourneys. Last year, we decided to go back in time and resurrect the format, complete with time limits, scoring and serious bragging rights for the winners.

So join us in October, and start sharpening your blades and your wits. See you there!

In. I’d prefer the 9th.
I could be there at 5 pm and have no time limit when it comes to competition.

I hope Alrik and Darthbinks are in as well, so that we can triumph once more as a team!

Woud prefer the 9th as well^^

I can do both days as long as I have notice and all day free I’m certain of. Is there anywhere I can read up on these tournaments as I wish to understand the rules of them and how they function.

Not really.

I jotted down the basic infos in some other thread IIRC but here’s what we had last year:

Teams of 3 players each have about 90 minutes to get as far as they can.
The timer is paused when the GM (the personified -H- engine) doesn’t sit at the table. We had about a dozen players or so so H ran at least 2 games simultaneously.
We started with 100 points and could score or even lose points for good or bad decisions / outcomes of encounters. E.g. the right or the wrong person/monster dies.

The team with the most points wins.
The adventure was too big to finish it in one run - although it was technically possible to get through it in one run.

We finished it the week after as one big group with 3-4 clones of each character :smiley:

I’m in!

Totally in!

Yep, me too :slight_smile:

I’d prefer the 16th I think. (9th would also be possible in a pinch)
Either way, I can be there as early as desired, and can stay for as long as needed - completely flexible!

Yeah, we gotta defend our title :laughing: I can do the 9th too.

Edit: Forgot to mention… I can probably do as early as 6pm

I would love to join in and either one (but sadly only one as far as I can forsee on my calendar) would work for me. The annoying part is that I’d have to leave arount 9 PM-ish. I could come there as early as late noon (2 PM) though.
What does one need to bring?
I only have one character rolled up in Edition 3,5 thusfar.

[quote=“Kurfürst”]What does one need to bring?
I only have one character rolled up in Edition 3,5 thusfar.[/quote]
The last one had pregerated characters and I am pretty sure the next one will have as well.

I would like to join and could do both. Can be there around 5?! Would like to get home with public transport, so till around 11:45

Just read h’s helpful reminder I’m my inbox. I’d love to be part of it too. The first session looks fullish how about the later one?

“Fullish” is a very relative term at this stage … but very glad to have you on board, sir!

Most of the questions about the tournament have already been answered by others, but just to add further confirmation, ramblings, and even a couple questions:

The tournament will essentially be a regular scenario (well, maybe slightly more fiendish) packed in a framework that allows for competition between different groups of players. We tried this as an experiment last fall, and the results were pretty fun. It’s a bit like traveling back in time to the early days of roleplaying. In a way, we’re almost roleplaying that we’re roleplaying several decades ago …

You don’t need to bring anything. Pencil and paper is always useful, and it can’t hurt to have your lucky dice ready, but there’ll presumably be enough of those there for anyone who can’t bring their own. You also won’t need a character, either, and rulebooks will be banned anyway - just come as you are.

I think it’s great that last year’s champions want to defend the crown as a team, and I’ll try to accommodate wishes for teams as much as possible. However (a) the size of the teams may be different this year and (b) scheduling might trump some of those wishes. We have 14 people signed up so far with varying time constraints; you can imagine that all this might get a bit tricky. But I’ll do my best.

Last year, out of necessity, we often had several tables playing in parallel as Thopthes described. Some of you have said that this was actually rather fun and added to the tournament atmosphere, but there’s also some downtime as a result. What do you think - should we do this again?

There was a bit of talk about adding prizes of some sort. The original idea was just to play for giggles and bragging rights, for a variety of reasons, but if you guys want, we could certainly introduce prizes. Thoughts?

And if there are any other questions, or anything else that could be improved from our first attempt, please do let me know.

With a bit of luck, I’ll confirm everyone’s slot in the next couple days …

With a bit of luck, I’ll confirm everyone’s slot in the next couple days …[/quote]

Do feel free to stuff me in whenever on either one of those days (but only one of 'em) - as long as things don’t go past… let’s say midnight… since I have work Friday mornings :slight_smile:

Looking immensly forwards to meeting you folks and RPing.

yes !!!

giggles and bragging rights were perfectly fine with me
and if GJsoft wins, I will answer him the Colombia stuff
(if not, casually mention it another year)

I think having several tables simultaneously did add to the atmosphere but I reckon it’s also pretty stressful for the GM. So I’m okay with parallel and sequential games.

Giggles and bragging rights are enough for me as a prize as well.

Are we talking more or less people than last time or just varying team size?

If I knew exactly how this is going to turn out, I’d tell you, but everything is still in flux.

There are already considerably more people signed up than there were a year ago, and that number is rising even as I write this (welcome aboard, Tam!). There may be more people in a party, but definitely not less. I also don’t think more than five players at a table makes sense. Ideally, all parties would be the same size, but that may not be possible, especially if there are last-minute cancellations.

Not sure that actually answers your question, but that’s all I’ve got right now.

I’m comming back from summer holidays tomorrow. I’m up for either date, although, if some people are more comfortable on the 16th, I’d be willing to fill out the group for sure! :slight_smile:

Any plans to run anything besides the tournament on the 9th?