Total newbie needs help getting started

Hello everyone!

As the title suggests I have never actually played DnD and just listened to some podcasts. I would really like to join one of the weekly meet ups and I am wondering what kind of stuff I need to bring along and what kind of preperations I would have to take.

When creating the character I guess I would follow the value rules in the forum but can anyone suggest an easy to navigate starter class and or race?

Thanks in advance ,
Daniel :slight_smile:

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easy to navigate starter class … anything that doesn’t have spellcasting, or if spellcasting is preferred a Warlock
so i’d recommend to look into: Barbarian, Fighter, Monk, Rogue, Ranger (does get spellcasting at 2nd level) or Warlock

besides that, I’d recommend just to announce yourself for one of the meetups and try to be there early, there are almost always people there as early as 18:00 willing to help with character creation

if you have access to a printer an empty character sheet can be useful, but usually there are some available
something to write (a pencil and maybe a notebook or a sheet of paper just to be sure) can be very useful, but once again usually something is available
if you want to buy dice (or have already) bring those, otherwise there usually are enough to borrow or one of the other players at the table is willing to share theirs if there aren’t enough sets

as we are playing at a cafe it would be a good idea to bring money and consume at least a little something even though it’s not required, just a bit of common courtesy

the only other thing you should bring is an interest in trying the hobby :slight_smile:

Hi Daniel!

I will be joining the lovely people there today to spectate for the first time as well (there does not seem to be a lot of DMs tonight as well). I’m not bringing anything with me, since I do not plan to play and just want to read the player’s rulebook a bit and see how things are looking in general, so feel free to come and maybe drink a beer or something :slight_smile:

@Tersidian thank you for the help !
@marvis I wont be there tonight sadly but next week I will be there :slight_smile:

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@Daniel and @marvis - I’m also completely new to D&D and I am thinking of getting a copy of the Starter Pack to play through - if either of you are interested, maybe we could get together some time :slight_smile:

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