Total beginner in Vienna

Hello there. I’m an 18 year-old student from abroad learning German here in Vienna. I’m hoping to study game design. The world of RPG has always fascinated me but I never got the chance to try out. Are there any groups out there willing to try to get me into it? I’d really love to try any game and just experienced the many things in the RPG world to see what I like. I have no idea where to go with my enthusiasm and I’m willing to spend some time on this and learn a lot. :slight_smile:


Hello! Welcome to RPGVienna. We have Games on Fridays and Occasionally on Thursdays as well. Those are the ones were just most people show up. Of course sometimes people will run their own campaigns on any other day in the week and they will discuss it here ^^

Shameless Plug: We do also havea discord for discussions about gamerules and PbP games. But any actual planning of course takes place here on the Foru!


As stated, we have regular games of D&D Adventurers’ league on Friday and game of “system varies” on Thursday at the Spielbar.