Total beginner, also new in Vienna!


Lately I’ve taken an interest in RPG by watching some on YouTube and I thought I’d give it a try. Through some advanced googling (“RPG in vienna”) I found this forum!

Question: is this somewhere a total beginner (read: zero experience) could start by finding a meeting? I’m afraid I’d be a hindrance to you experienced players.



Hello and welcome!

We have a weekly game (almost) every Thursday at the Spielbar at 19:30. We play various games there, using various systems.
No problem with being a newbie, in fact, because we play so many games, most people are newbies for the particular game played that week.

If you are looking more specifically for D&D5 (plausible as you mentioned YouTube), then we have a campaign running using the Lost Mines of Phandelver starting set. You are welcome there too.