Coming this May…

Our first forum-wide gaming event.

  1. Be there.

Where? :smiley:


Now this is effective marketing!

Put in very little information. But enough to wake interest and create a sense of mystery.

i presume district 23 has something to do with it?

I was more thinking along the line of May 23.

You are all wrong. Obviously, -H- started counting prime numbers.

Either that or the “23 Enigma”

(read: yeah, it’s the 23th this month)

how much does this have to do with the illuminati?

Rule of 5 and 23 (23.5.)?

Maybe it’s his birthday. :laughing:

Nothing whatsoever.


so where then?

Ok, any details on this?

That’s kind of like asking Raymond Chandler who killed the chauffeur, isn’t it? (Speaking of hard-boiled references…)

But ok, I’ll give it a shot…

Q: Where?

A: Here.

Q: Here?

A: Yup. Right here in our lovely forum. Or the message section, to be completely accurate.

Q: But don’t forum games suck eggs?

A: Yes! Forum-based games stink. It takes about three months to do what you could do in ten minutes of table time, by which time two of the players have dropped out. And even then you only get a weak ersatz caricature of a roleplaying game. Can’t stand 'em.

Q: So, um … tell me again why we’d want to do this?

A: Because maybe, just maybe, we can turn all the disadvantages of a forum into something positive. Make use of its asynchronicity. Turn the delays into a feature rather than an annoyance. Make the limitations make sense.

Well, maybe.

The other reason is that I’ve been part of this forum for a year now, and I’ve met some very cool people, but there are still a bunch of people with whom I’ve never played a game. And since the big 20+ people non-forum campaigns (no, seriously) I’m planning are still months away, I figured this would be a fun way to play with a bunch of people at once.

Q: Now this is effective marketing!

A: It’s always a bad sign when they spend more time on the ad campaign than on the actual product.

Q: I presume district 23 has something to do with it?

A: What, Liesing? Uh, maybe. Depends on you guys, really.

Q: I was thinking more along the lines of May 23.

A: Hey, there’s an idea! Sure, why not?

Q: Obviously H started counting prime numbers.

A: Did I ever tell you the one about the math major, the physics major, the English major, and prime numbers?

Q: Either that or the 23 enigma?

A: Sure, why not. Again, depends on you. I’m definitely down with the enigma part.

Q: How much does this have to do with the Illuminati?

A: Well, there was this one time when I was playing a three-player cheating game, and one of the other guys was Discordia, and … Oops, sorry, wrong game.

But again, it’s really up to you.

Q: Rule of 5 and 23?

A: Remind me what that is? I sometimes have trouble with rules.

Q: Charles!?

A: Excellent idea! You never know where Charles will show up…

Q: So where then?

A: Anywhere in the world!

Q: So … you haven’t really prepared anything, have you?

A: Well, no. But I promise there’ll be an envelope’s worth of scribbled notes by the time we start.

Q: OK, any details on this?

A: All right, all right. If you’ve read this far (or were smart enough to scroll straight to the end), you probably deserve some actual information.

23 will be a largely DM-less message-based game set in the 1920s. We will become caught up in a vast mystery spanning at least a continent, and perhaps more than that. We will correspond with others via letters, post cards and telegrams, and attempt to unravel the strands that evolve, using the forum to simulate that correspondence.

Time commitment will be quite low, and very flexible. The whole thing will probably take several months, but unlike most forum games, dropping out won’t create any problems.

No experience necessary, of course, and everyone here is invited to join. Mechanics will be non-existent. (Indie? Indeed.)

Will it wind up being a disaster? Yeah, probably. But it just might be a fun, mad, unique, effervescent disaster…

If you’re up for it, drop me a line.

Ok, bit late, but NOW I read the part about the letters. Makes sense. It’d be an interesting experiment.

Thomas, my good friend! So good to hear from you. Thank you again for offering your assistance with my little mystery. I hope I shan’t be inconveniencing you too much…

Of course not, good friend. You are most welcome. Now let me know what is troubling you.