Tomb of Annihilation Group is looking for one more

Hello everyone.

Our Group will start playing the Tomb of Annihilation campaign on Sunday afternoon 02.06.19

So far we’re 4 players and our DM bkp, we are looking for 1 more to round up the party. We hold sessions if one player is missing (which allows us to keep a brisk pace) Missing player gets xp & gold shares.

We‘re usually playing Sundays (~every 1 - 2 weeks) 12:00/13:00 - 19:00/20:00 and we have a nice room with a fridge near U4 station Ober-St. Veit.

Games will be played in german and we’re using dndbeyond for the character sheets. (web application for mobile/tablets/laptops).

Books we’ll be using:
PHB, DMG, SCAG & Xanathars
Also allowed are UA and Critical Role content.

Newbies welcome.


Now now, don’t be shy.
The jungles of chult still hunger for more brave adventurers.


I would love join, if there is still an open spot

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