Time to end the year on an adventure - AL Friday @ Spielbar

last AL event of this year, i’m willing to DM (probably Curse of Strahd, maybe a one shot adventure instead, haven’t decided yet)

as usual please announce wether you plan to be there and if you want to dm or play (include the level of your character and/or the adventure you would dm please)

also as usual i will be there at around 18:00 in case anybody needs help with something

As usual. DMing Domm or playing my wizard

I will be there as a player

Would be there to as a player

Hello! 2 friends and I would like to try this! We’ll all be there with fresh level 1 characters if that’s fine, and we’ll try to get there by 18:00 to make sure we rolled correctly. We’re pretty new but we have played a few sessions at home so we know the ropes. Looking forward to it!

(Just saying, that you dont roll for stats, use point buy or standard array)

Yeah, bad choice of words there haha, I meant “that we did character creation correctly” :slight_smile:


Well, fuck me sideways, I’ll actually be in Vienna that day AND have free time to join! Will wonders ever cease?

I can prepare something to DM as well :slightly_smiling_face: It will most likely be a Tier 1 from Season 8.

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I’ll be there as a player :slight_smile: (level 6 but can bring a new character for a tier 1 game if needed)

Scratch that…

Did I count correctly - 9 people, and 3 potential DMs?

If that is true, maybe I can play? :grinning: I don’t even remember when I last played in AL instead of DM’ing ^^ (although, to be fair, I did not DM much either the past couple of months, so if my services are required, I shall serve :stuck_out_tongue:)

We’re not going to make it after all - really sorry for the super late notice! The magen-darm-grippe epidemic seems to have finally hit two of us… :frowning:

Hopefully we can make it next week if there is another session up…

I was just hit with a bit of a family situation, so I also won’t make it after all, sorry again :persevere:

Thank you for a nice session guys)

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