Thursday, Thursday the 10th of August 19:30

anybody planning on running a game this thursday?

I am not sure. already DMing two games… Unless I am needed, I’d rather pass…

I should be there.

Have a couple of ideas I could run if necessary

I should be there (around 8 as usual)

Not sure yet, but >50% odds I’ll be there. Could run something if desired. Grimm, perhaps, for anyone who hasn’t played yet?

damn looks like i won’t be able to make it today after all :frowning:

Likewise, sorry. Have fun!

I’ll come. Would prefer to play, but can run if necessary.

Also - I might be a little late. My apologies

Are you guys on your way? Currently only me here.

Thanks again for the game! I appreciate you taking at least a little time before killing me!


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