Thursday the 9th (19:30); Open gaming night at Spielbar

So how about it? Who is in? Shall we determine beforehand which games are being played?

I’ll be there

I hope to be there.

I’ll be there

IF I am there, I’ll have to leave at around 9-9:30. Working night shifts this week…but maybe, if I am really, REALLY lucky, I might have that day off ^^

I should be there.

I should be there. Last session before I move. sniff

I’ll be there as well.

@DoomCarrot: Don’t you wish to be a GM for this session? Sadly I never had a chance to play in a session, where you had this role.

Sorry, for which game?

Me and my bf will be there as well, if that´s not too crowded then.

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Wow, it seems there would be enough player for your game, @gridshadow (or for my multi-GM game idea)

yeah so unfortunately I won’t be able to make it. Sorry guys!

I will be there.
I may not play or last long as I am running on about 3 hours of sleep but I will drag myself to the Spielbar for Carrot’s last scheduled outing…

So what exactly will we be playing?

Last week, Scott mentioned a Dragonlance game, I believe

Looks like I will be there tonight, so I may be able to run it.

I did indeed.

An unexpected amount of work appreared. I’m sorry, won’t be able to make it… :frowning2:

I’ll be there! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the fun game Scott and fellow players!

How was the eventual story? What time did you guys actually finish haha? Sorry to have left at such an interesting point in time!