Thursday the 2nd (19h30); Open gaming night at the Spielbar

Hello guys!

Who can make it this Thursday? Anybody has anything they want to run?

If people want/can continue the Lost Mine of Phandelver we started a few weeks ago, I’d like that…

I’ll be there and glad to continue our DnD game!
Also, I have a backup game idea, if something goes wrong.

I hope I’ll be able to make it! Not sure yet, though. But would be happy, to continue Lost Mine of Phandelver.

Let see if we can get the rest of the dream team together then

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Unfortunately I can’t make this and next week, but I’d love to join the DnD group with my character ^^ so yeah, if you DO run the Phandelver game I’ll have to figure something out…

Ok… Maybe we could set up a fixed thing… Like, last Thursday of the month…

I’ll be there.

I have a few things I could run if necessary.

Sorry ladies and gents. I thought I would make it tonight but an illness has kept me until lock and key. See you next week perhaps? Maybe we can continue the Lost Mine of Phandelver @Simon?

Crimson - should we not maybe restart it with our own characters? Or did you do that the last time?

@Andy089 I do not mind restarting. Creating new characters could be fun, I tend to get attached whenever I play so… death is something I would not like to contemplate. Plus, a certain number of the people won’t be coming from the first time so it is worth restarting.

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