Thursday @ Spielbar (March 8)

Anyone plan to be there? I will most likely be a little later than usual.

Could run something if no one else can.

I’m planning on joining for the first time!
It would be my first p&p experience.

Approximately when do people show up?

I’d love to but it would me my forst time joining this group (tho not my first time playing dnd)
should i make a character beforehand so it doesnt take up as much time on thursday?

We say 7:00, but that is when people typically start to roll in. Usually some beers are drank and food ordered before the serious business of starting to play begins.

No need to roll a character beforehand. We never really know what game(s) we‘ll play until everyone is at the table.

I’ll be there.

I’ll also be there.

I can’t make it this week.
Sorry :frowning:

I think I will be there.

Looks like I will not be able to make it tonight after all. Sickness is spreading through the household so I need to tend to the kids. Sorry.

Anyone else able to run something? Our traditional GMs do not seem to have responded …

I’m sure I can do something. I’ve recently written a neat little adventure for some friends. Absolutely no prep needed on your part.

Nor I.

Catch you next week!

I will be there around 7

Looks like I can make tonight (didn’t think I could earlier).

Unfortunately not got anything planned to run, but I’ll see if I can throw something together if needed

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