Thursday Nov 30th 2017, Spielbar 7pm


So who will be here this week?

Anything have anything to run? I may have a backup game I can run if necessary.


I should be coming, if nothing comes in the way!


Hi :slight_smile: I’m a newbie to the Thursday dnd session, but I’d be coming with a friend.


Hi, new people are always welcome - and the more the merrier.

Just to note, we play lots of different systems on Thursdays, so it may not be dnd, but hopefully still enjoyable.



As Scott says; the more the merrier!


Hey, I’ll be there. See ya :slight_smile:


I will try to come. Do not have anything to run.


thanks for the welcome @gridshadow and @Simon. I’m sure it will be fun, can’t wait to explore new and different systems besides DnD as well!


Hey! I will be there for the tasty burritos, but i guess a game is alright too.

Who am I kidding, it will be great fun as always :smiley:


Newbie to Thursday session as well, unfortunately I’ve got no friends to join me, haha. I just come for curiosity though, since I’ve never played before. At the very least I can watch and learn from you guys, right?


No worries, except that we’ll fullly expect you to play! The more the merrier, as Scott said!


I’ll hopefully be there, too. Might be pushing 8, though.

See you!


Thanks @Simon for a fun adventure!

Lovely as well to meet so many new players … @Aegnor @Natalie … and some new to me players … @ohmi @Kaylossus.


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