Thursday Nov 30th 2017, Spielbar 7pm

So who will be here this week?

Anything have anything to run? I may have a backup game I can run if necessary.

I should be coming, if nothing comes in the way!

Hi :slight_smile: I’m a newbie to the Thursday dnd session, but I’d be coming with a friend.


Hi, new people are always welcome - and the more the merrier.

Just to note, we play lots of different systems on Thursdays, so it may not be dnd, but hopefully still enjoyable.


As Scott says; the more the merrier!

Hey, I’ll be there. See ya :slight_smile:

I will try to come. Do not have anything to run.

thanks for the welcome @gridshadow and @Simon. I’m sure it will be fun, can’t wait to explore new and different systems besides DnD as well!

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Hey! I will be there for the tasty burritos, but i guess a game is alright too.

Who am I kidding, it will be great fun as always :smiley:

Newbie to Thursday session as well, unfortunately I’ve got no friends to join me, haha. I just come for curiosity though, since I’ve never played before. At the very least I can watch and learn from you guys, right?


No worries, except that we’ll fullly expect you to play! The more the merrier, as Scott said!

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I’ll hopefully be there, too. Might be pushing 8, though.

See you!

Thanks @Simon for a fun adventure!

Lovely as well to meet so many new players … @Aegnor @Natalie … and some new to me players … @ohmi @Kaylossus.


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