Thursday, Nov. 23rd Spielbar


Wondering if there will be a group this week.


I will definitely be there, maybe even bring somebody interested with me :slight_smile:


I am hopeful that I will be there, too early in the week to say definitely though.


I ought to be there.

Looking forward to 16 hours of gaming!


oh well.

I’ll be there after my lecture, so at 9:30 :clock930:
Hope I won’t be the only one :wink:


I am planning on being there, but I am not quite 100% sure yet…


16 Hours?!?!?!


You posted this “November 23rd, 07:00 – 23:30” as time-frame, which would be quite a lot :wink:


Darn biculturalism. :slight_smile:

Since it’s Thanksgiving, how about a game of Colonial Gothic?


I’ll be there


Never heard of the game before, but it sounds cool!


I’ll do my best!


I’ll be there


More definite that I will be there tonight! At 8 though, of course.


D12s tonight, please, for those interested in playing Colonial Gothic. Yeah, I know.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Hurray, a game that gives purpose to the under-represented D12! It IS a happy Thanksgiving!


Dammit! I won’t be there tonight… the good news is that I got my bread maker working, so we will have bread pudding tomorrow. The bad news is that I got it working late, so I can’t roll d12’s tonight.


I am feeling exhausted for some reason.
I think that I will skip gaming tonight


I’m already here :man_shrugging:


Four hours of gaming summarized in less than a dozen words:

DM: So you’re in Plymouth …

Players: Screw that, this … is … Roanoke!

Have a great weekend!